November 11

Umar Hameed


It was 7.1 keys to becoming a superstar salesperson and this is that point one (.1) which I think is the smallest and the one that has the biggest impact on your sales career. If you remember the 7 keys to becoming a superstar salesperson, 1) Finding the right target, 2) Cold calling, 3) Getting Appointments, 4) Making presentations, 5) Handling Objections, 6) Closing the Sale and 7) Getting Referrals.



The point one is your mindset. You could be fearless in all those areas; meaning that you would bravely go after targets that are worthy of us and confidently make cold calls. No more settling for the mediocre. Instead of going for a thousand deals, we would be going after ten, as those ten would set records in our companies. We’re looking at bringing down giants! And you can’t do that if you have fear or other hesitations. Cold calling – that brings up a lot of fear for people. If we could be fearless when we make cold calls, it would allow us to do with joy and confidence and that vouches for better results. It means that we get more appointments.

Getting appointments is all about your confidence and the way you talk to a person. If you have fears, hesitations and/or limitations, that wouldn’t happen because your voice will be stressed and people will pick up on it and they wouldn’t want to be ten feet near you at all. Of course, doing presentations is not all about you, your product or your company, which is something you’re really comfortable about. Can you do a presentation that asks amazingly powerful questions that allow your prospect to open up and tell you where their company is having problems, where exactly is that they string up, where exactly the most pain is, where the financial loss is and exactly where the opportunity is. You can become fearless and ask such questions and get people up is exactly where your sales career takes off. Then of course, once you have gotten them to open up, you can handle their objections. But if you have fear and doubt, you will end up doing a poor job of it. If you’re fearless you can do amazing things.

Closing for a million dollar account is very casual. “You wanted this, it’s gonna be a million dollars. Would you like it in blue or black?” Maybe not so cheesy, but if you’re confident and fearless, it’s not even a close, then it’s just a natural extension to what you have been doing and the way you’re in the sale. Then of course asking for referrals and deepening into the account. If you’re fearless and confident and just comfortable in your own skin, you can do the entire sales process easily, effortlessly and magnificently.

So I think the most important part of the entire sales process is the mindset. Once you define a fearless and a crystal clear mindset for yourself, great sales will become second nature to you!

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