November 1

Umar Hameed


I’ve been thinking about love, life and sales. So I started wondering about love and what the counterpart of love is. Some people think the counterpart of love is hate. Others think that the counterpart is apathy. But I believe that what if the counterpart of love is fear? Because when we have fear, we are fearful to let people see who we really are and you can’t actually love someone without letting them know who you actually are.



Then I started thinking about sales. What is the enemy of sales? The enemy of sales is fear, as well. People know what they want to do. if they don’t, they can a)go buy a book, b)go get some training but even after getting the know-how, a lot of people don’t take action. The reason behind it is that fear comes up. So, fear is the enemy of sales, and also is the opposite of love. So how do sales and love connect? I’m not sure, but I like selling things and making a difference in people’s lives.

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