February 18

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The second place people get stuck is inner conflict. So you get a sales person that says okay, I want to succeed at best, and they have another part of their psyche that says if only I was taller, sexier, shorter, had more sales training, had a better college education, whatever that thing is that’s getting in the way. They’ve got a goal for them to achieve success in sales, and they go to break through that goal, but they don’t hit just past the goal; they pull their punch and one of the things that stops them from executing is that inner conflict.

Let me give you an example. I had this woman come in who goes out on sales calls, and after she finishes the call and gets back in her car, she knows exactly what she should have said. “When the prospects said this, I should have said that. If I would have done that I would have gotten the deal, but I didn’t say that in the meeting. This is a common theme for her.” When she came to see me this is what she’s saying. She goes, “Umar, I know I can be phenomenal at this, I want to be a great sales person, I know I can do it.” She’s using her right hand and powerful gestures and a strong voice. Then she turns to her other hand and she goes, “Well you know I’ve not really been trained in sales and I don’t have a college education, so I’m not sure. But (and now she turns to her other hand) you know I’m going to do this, and so this time when she’s talking about what she wants to do, her right hand comes out and is strong and powerful, and the voice is strong. And each time she talks about why she can’t do it, is weaker gestures and a weaker voice. Always left hand on the weakness, always right hand on the strength, and that’s a clear indication of an inner conflict.
When I realized that, what I ended up doing is saying oh, there are tools from neuroscience that we can use to actually resolve that. So in about an hour and a half we resolved that situation, sent her on her way. About three days later I get a phone call coming back saying hey, I’m visiting clients and the right words are falling out of my mouth, and I’m closing business. We didn’t teach her anything about what to say, how to say it, how to do sales. What we figured out was this is the block that’s stopping you is inner conflict. We resolved the inner conflict and automatically it took her game up to a much higher level. More importantly, she started selling dramatically better than she did before. That’s the second way people get blocked. First way is a limited belief. Their second way is inner conflict. But wait, there is a third way; stay tuned for the next video to figure out what that is.

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