January 7

Umar Hameed


If you were a salesperson, and you wanted to do spectacularly well, what you have to realize, it’s not about being exceptional at what you do. What you need to do is to be consistent in what you do, and deliver predictable results. If you do that, it allows you to get better and better at what you do. Because you’re going to start tweaking those little things that come up that get in the way.

What we do is, we’ve got sales or the results are down here, and we’re not doing what we’re really want to do, and we try to make that jump to the top. The thing to do is to really get good at what you do and start changing slight changes and notice what happens, things that keep the same, you don’t have to worry about. Things that increase help you a lot.



So let me give you an example of that. If you take a look at Starbucks, some people love Starbucks and some people hate Starbucks. But one thing Starbucks does really well, it doesn’t matter where in the world that you go, when you walk into Starbucks, they have a predictable experience. It’s a nice location, the barista smiles at you; you get a cup of coffee that’s pretty much identical to the cup of coffee you were going to get in New York City. So what Starbucks has done, is they’ve got a predictable and consistent way of doing that they do, and they make some changes to improve the experience as they go along.

The same thing is true for you as a sales person. You need to get a baseline, and once you get that baseline, rather than you doing radical changes, figure out, where do I feel uncomfortable in the sales process, and in that area, find people that are doing exceptionally better than you, and ask them, how do you get people to answer the phone, or how do you get people to yes to when you’re offering them the deal? From that conversation, notice what you’re doing, what they’re doing, start making little changes, and notice what happens. That’s the way true champions become exceptional is that they get a baseline and they make predictable and consistent changes which allow them to take that stepladder up so that they can consistently achieve spectacular results.

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