September 26

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The 7 steps to building a winning sales presentation: The first thing you need to do is to grab your audience by the throat. That’s what I go for. If I can get them with some kind of teaser that gives them an immediate focus on what you’re saying, it carries a lot of weight.

The second thing you need to do is to show them who you are: Tell them something about yourself so they have credibility in what you’re saying and would want to listen to your advice. Number3: You need to figure out what’ in it for them. Do your research so that what you’re pitching relates 100% with what they need because when they do that, it’s when they pay close attention.

The next thing is that you need to figure out and crystallize the points you’re making in the presentation. Keeping your audience’s attention is easier when you’re making 3 important points rather than 12 points. It’s a magic number. So make your presentation into 3 steps. 3 points that you want them to understand.

So how do you get them to remember and see the power of it? The next step is that you have a story for each one of those points. It could be a client’s success story that gives you a ton of credibility because it gives them the ability to relate and feel what’s happening with people like them and how they’re solving problems.

The next step is that you need to connect all the dots. You wouldn’t want people to do it themselves because they could go in any direction. What would be best is that you have them follow your chain of logic to a conclusion. The conclusion is that they have to do business with you. Then finally, the last step is to give them a strong call to action so they know exactly what to do once this presentation is over.

In the subsequent videos, we’re going to break down each one of these steps so that you can learn how to do them expertly and efficiently, and get much better results in your sales.

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