What stops to you from making cold calls. Well, there’s 3 things at stop us.

Number 1 is fear comes up. Fear can be debilitating . It makes us nervous, anxious and when we get on the phone, people on the other end of the phone can sense it. And, of course, they don’t want to do business with us when we’re nervous. And, the first rejection that we get? We just put down the phone and walk away from it.

The second area is the process we use. Many sales people don’t have a process.

They find some phone numbers. They try making some calls but there is no science behind it.

What we need to do is have a structure on how to make these calls. We need to bring in some neuroscience so we can actually be more effective in communicating .

That structure increases our success rate and it also removes the fear because we’re not blindly doing something. There’s a process that we’re following.

Also, when we have a process, you can figure out where it is breaking down and we can actually fix the portions of the process it and fixing so your results get better and better and better.

The 3rd area is that you need to know that there are 3 parts to our brain.

First, we have the reptile brain which is most ancient part of our brains. This part of the brain that decides whether it is safe to do something or not. It makes decisions quickly.

The second part is the limbic brain. That’s where our emotions are.

The third part, the largest part is the neo-cortex. This is where we analyze things.

What we do as sales people is try to engage that neo-cortex part the brain by saying “I’m gonna convince that part of the brain to take action.” But, that’s the exact wrong place to do it. The part that really makes the decision is the reptile brain.

When we propose something in the right way to the reptile brain, it makes a decision: go or no go. Whenever it makes a decision, the neo-cortex rationalizes the decision and says either “I’m gonna do it” or “Don’t do it.”

Stop wasting your time talking the neo-cortex . You need to talk to the reptile brain!

So, the 3 main reasons that sales people are ineffective at cold calling:

  1. Fear
  2. Needing a solid process to follow
  3. Not talking to the client’s reptile brain

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Umar Hameed


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