There is a huge amount of untapped potential within organizations. This untapped potential leads to lower revenue, lower retention of employees, and a weaker corporate culture.

According to Gallup survey conducted May 2020:

  • 38% of employees are engaged
  • 49% are complacent
  • 13% are highly disengaged

That indicates that 52% of employees are not engaged. This is a massive opportunity to improve your organization. Lets look at the problem from 2 points of focus. 

The Individual

The trick to realize untapped potential is to get individuals to overcome their limitations and operate at a higher level of performance. They have to let go of ego and selfishness and put the team first.

The Team

The culture of the organization has to encourage individuals to trust in the processes of the organization. And know that their teammates have their back. In most organizations the office politics prove that trust is low.

In high effective organizations the trust is high allowing individuals will have the courage to challenge ideas that are not working for the greater good of the organization. Stuff gets done faster. Stuff that needs fixing gets fixed.

Change programs fail over 70% because more training, more coaching, and more motivational speeches don't work over the long term.

The fact is that beliefs drive behavior. To create long lasting change the limiting beliefs that dictated to old organization have to be changed. The only true change happens when the beliefs change within the organization.

I have a proven methodology to transform organizations at a belief level. Your organization will see the following improvements:

  • Increased revenue
  • Increased performance
  • Better culture
  • Increased employee retention

Setup a 30 min call with me so I can walk you through the process that delivers exceptional results.

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Umar Hameed


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