Importance of Company Culture by Nick Gilson

Nick is Founder and CEO of Gilson (@gilsonsnow), a manufacturer of snowboards and skis located in Winfield, PA. He is a 2011 graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Earth & Planetary Sciences. He taught middle school science in Nashville, TN before launching the company out of the classroom.

He has received numerous awards in innovative product development and leadership and holds several snowboard and ski patents. Gilson made Wired's "Gear of the Year" list in 2015 and in 2016 the company was named as one of Outside Magazine's favorite brands born in America.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Embrace your failures, it's never too late to course correct
  • If retailers don't show love go directly to the end users
  • Build a strong team and you can outthink any problem 

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Importance of Company Culture



Umar Hameed introduces his guest, Nick Gilson, who is the CEO of Gilson Snow. Gilson Snow is a company known for its innovative designs and manufacturing of snowboards and skis.

Nick Gilson's Background

Nick Gilson shares his personal journey, starting from his days as a middle school science teacher. He explains how his passion for teaching and innovation led him to start Gilson Snow with his friend, Austin. They began their venture in a barn, which later grew into a successful business.

Challenges in Starting Gilson Snow

Nick discusses the various challenges they faced in the early days of their business. These included issues related to manufacturing and the difficulty of breaking into the snowboarding industry, which was dominated by established brands. Despite these challenges, Nick and Austin persevered, driven by their passion and belief in their product.

Unique Design of Gilson Snow's Products

One of the key factors that sets Gilson Snow apart from other companies in the industry is the unique design of their snowboards and skis. Nick explains that their products feature a three-dimensional base, which provides a smoother ride compared to traditional flat-based designs. This innovative design has been well-received by their customers and has contributed to the company's success.

Importance of Company Culture

Nick emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive company culture. He believes that a supportive and encouraging work environment is crucial for fostering creativity and innovation. He also shares how they strive to create such an environment at Gilson Snow.

Future Plans for Gilson Snow

Looking ahead, Nick shares his vision for the future of Gilson Snow. He talks about plans to expand their product line and continue to innovate in the snowboarding industry. He expresses his excitement about the potential growth and opportunities that lie ahead for the company.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Towards the end of the conversation, Nick offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. He stresses the importance of perseverance and the ability to learn from failure. He encourages entrepreneurs to stay resilient in the face of challenges and to view failures as opportunities for growth and learning.

Questions & Answers

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What advice does Nick Gilson have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

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