Curating Your Mindset & Overcoming Industry Stereotypes

On Episode 333 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Marjorie Dudley and Angela Kristen Taylor. In this episode they share tips on curating your mindset and overcoming industry stereotypes.

Marjorie has been a sales and new business development professional for 20 years--she got her start by knocking on doors selling books for the Southwestern Company throughout college. 

She specializes in helping sales and development professionals prospect via cold calling and networking, generate new business, increase revenue and profit margins, effectively solicit referrals, and spend time with qualified decision-makers.

Goal Achieving is a passion for Marjorie. After figuring out what worked--and what didn't work--through much trial and error Marjorie has developed five steps to help her clients reach that Holy Grail that they've identified for themselves. 

Marjorie is enthusiastic about training sales professionals, managers, and business preggers to achieve greater results through a systematic approach. She works with multi-million dollar organizations, solo-preneurs, and those in-between to help them reach their strategy and revenue goals. 

Marjorie earned her Master of Business Administration degree with honors from Willamette University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University. 


Angela Kristen Taylor is a visionary leader renowned for her expertise in strategic and transformative growth, empowering individuals and businesses to unlock their true potential and most direct path to success.

With a keen eye for identifying untapped opportunities and uncovering hidden connections, Angela guides clients towards remarkable outcomes. Her dynamic approach, rooted in a deep understanding of the interplay between personal growth and business strategy, enables individuals and organizations to achieve transformative results.

Through her innovative methodologies, Angela empowers her clients to optimize their resources, streamline their efforts, and create sustainable growth. Her holistic approach integrates practical strategies and cutting-edge technology with a unique perspective, enabling individuals and businesses to thrive in today's ever-changing landscape.

As a captivating speaker, Angela shares her transformative insights at various industry events, leaving a lasting impact on audiences seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives. Her thought-provoking messages resonate deeply, inspiring individuals to take bold actions toward their goals.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Angela shares her expertise through various platforms, media, and podcasts, contributing valuable guidance to professionals looking to maximize their potential and navigate their personal and business growth.

Angela Kristen Taylor continues to shape the landscape of personal transformation and strategic growth, empowering individuals and businesses to reach new heights. Her unwavering commitment to guiding others towards success positions her as a trusted advisor and catalyst for change.

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Introduction and Personal Background

Angela Kristen Taylor's Introduction: Angela describes herself as an integrative productivity coach specializing in assisting entrepreneurs and sales professionals. She emphasizes her role in helping individuals understand how their emotions, energy, time, and focus contribute to their productivity. Angela also shares personal details, mentioning her family of five children, three dogs, and an RV they own. She resides in North Georgia, near Atlanta.

The Essence of Sales

Sales in Everyday Life: Umar Hameed highlights that everything in the world involves some form of selling, whether it's an idea, a product, or even a child trying to convince their parents about something. He notes that children are naturally fearless salespeople, but as adults, many start to second-guess themselves.

Mindset Challenges in Sales: The conversation delves into how mindset can be a barrier in sales. Over time, individuals may develop self-doubt or let societal perceptions influence their approach to selling.

Curating Your Mindset

Marjorie Dudley's Perspective: Marjorie introduces the idea of "curating your mindset." She emphasizes the need to be intentional about what we expose our minds to. For her, audiobooks are a valuable tool, but she also acknowledges that the mind, especially in its default setting, can sometimes be an adversary, particularly in sales.

Societal Beliefs about Sales and Money

Perceptions of Salespeople: Umar provides an illustrative example where, in a room full of salespeople, more negative attributes might be associated with the profession than positive ones. This observation underscores the societal beliefs and stereotypes about salespeople.

Challenging the Negative Stereotypes: Marjorie agrees with Umar's observation but emphasizes that these stereotypes are based on misconceptions. She argues that just as there are good and bad individuals in every profession, the same applies to sales. The key is to recognize these misconceptions and not let them dictate one's approach to sales.


The conversation underscores the importance of mindset in sales and challenges the negative stereotypes associated with the profession. Both Angela and Marjorie stress the need for salespeople to curate their mindset and not let societal beliefs hinder their potential.

Questions & Answers

Who is Angela Kristen Taylor and what does she specialize in?

How does Umar Hameed describe the role of sales in everyday life?

What challenges do salespeople face regarding their mindset?

What does Marjorie Dudley mean by "curating your mindset"?

 How can salespeople challenge and overcome these negative stereotypes?

Why is mindset crucial in sales?

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