Sales Insights from SalesRockit Founder, Craig Burris

On Episode 65 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Craig Burris, Founder of SALESROCKIT. In November of 2018, Founder Craig Burris launched his third brand SALESROCKIT. His first two brands, ComputerUser and SmartCEO, both primarily sold marketing services, advertising, events, and digital marketing. He and his amazingly talented teams worked tirelessly to provide the highest quality magazine, events, website, and community. Despite the amazing products they developed, there was an underlying frustration.

“So few of our clients had a sales system, a sales process to monetize the leads or opportunities we would provide them,” Burris noted, “Only a handful in each of our cities did it right.” We would lose clients because they could not create a new business or make sales off the marketing. No matter how hard the team worked there was a pattern.

After SmartCEO, he came across “Sales Enablement Technology” while working with one of his consulting clients. Not only did he wish he had this technology for his previous two companies, he immediately recognized he wanted to lead the charge for the use of it. This was a path to positively impact the lives and momentum of entrepreneurs in Baltimore that he cared about and got to know over the previous 16 years.

Except for the few leading-edge sales companies, many suffer from the same challenges and pain points:

- Unclear ROI on marketing

- No sales process to execute new business growth

- Lack of transparency in sales team activity

- Difficulty hiring and onboarding new reps

- Sales process is not turnover proof

- A sense that leads and opportunities are falling through the cracks

Many of these companies are doing fine. They have strong brands, good people, and operational systems in place. In the back of their minds though, the CEOs know this is a weak spot, an Achilles heel. Will they notice in advance if momentum starts to shift? Do they have confidence they could inject momentum back into the sales process if they needed to?

Like everything in Burris’ business in the past, SALESROCKIT, the technology, is best in class. SALESROCKIT The brand wants to lead the charge in the sales enablement revolution. The brand wants to attract organizations that are committed to being leading-edge sales organizations. It wants to build a community that shares ideas and inspires companies to get better.

“I loved my last two businesses, but SALESROCKIT is arguably the most exciting because of the positive impact we can have on both the organization and the people that work there.”

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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Introduction and the Importance of Realistic Goals

The podcast begins with an introduction of Craig Burris and a discussion about the importance of setting realistic goals for sales reps. Craig mentions a statistic that 85% of reps don't meet their annual quota, highlighting the need for realistic expectations and effective strategies to improve this number.

Understanding Your Customer and Content Marketing

The conversation then shifts to the importance of understanding your customer and creating content that resonates with them. Craig emphasizes the importance of creating a media brand around whatever product you're selling. This includes creating content to attract an audience, doing podcasts, webinars, and events. The goal is to attract your best buyer into your ecosystem to ultimately monetize that relationship.

Building Relationships through Podcasts and Interviews

Craig discusses the strategy of creating an interview series or a podcast with potential clients. By inviting them to participate, you create a special relationship and a different type of conversation about doing business together. This strategy is seen as a non-threatening way to build relationships and allows potential customers to let their guard down and share what's going on with them.

Building Credibility Quickly

Craig talks about the importance of building credibility quickly when creating a media brand. He suggests having mechanisms in place to build credibility so that when you ask a high-value prospect to participate, they are more likely to agree.

Creating an Appropriate Workflow

The conversation then moves to the creation of an appropriate workflow that will take the initial conversation and lead it into a sales opportunity. Craig suggests that the goal is typically to get a meeting, invite them to an event, or maybe even just an online demo. The workflow is designed to support that goal and could include a series of phone calls and emails, direct mail pieces, text messaging, and social media connections.

The Importance of a Sales Process

Craig and the host discuss the importance of a sales process. Craig suggests that having a sales process can increase the impact of emails and other communication methods. He also mentions that entrepreneurs often have many ideas, but it's important to execute one idea before moving on to the next.

The Impact of Sales Rocket

Towards the end of the podcast, Craig talks about the impact of his technology, Sales Rocket. He mentions that it has transformed sales teams by providing a predictable process that allows salespeople to focus on what's most important. He also mentions that less experienced reps can step into a system and be super productive within a week or two if the system is built out using some form of technology like Sales Rocket.


In this podcast, Craig Burris, the Founder of SALESROCKIT, discusses the importance of setting realistic sales goals, understanding customers, and creating engaging content to build a media brand. He emphasizes the value of building relationships through podcasts and interviews, and the necessity of quickly establishing credibility. He also highlights the role of an effective workflow in transitioning initial conversations into sales opportunities and the significance of a structured sales process.

Craig shares how his technology, Sales Rocket, has transformed sales teams by providing a predictable process that enhances productivity, especially for less experienced reps. The podcast concludes with Craig inviting listeners to explore Sales Rocket and its potential to revolutionize their sales processes.

Questions & Answers

What is the importance of setting realistic sales goals according to Craig Burris?

How can understanding your customer and content marketing improve sales?

How can podcasts and interviews help in building relationships with potential clients?

What strategies does Craig Burris recommend for building credibility quickly?

What is the role of an appropriate workflow in sales?

Why is a structured sales process important?

How has Sales Rocket transformed sales teams?

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