Good afternoon, I want to share an idea with you. I was dealing with an executive from this company. They’re a world famous company. They do a lot of advertising on the Internet and their revenues are really, really large. And pretty much they’re experts in their field. And I was talking to one of their executives today and he was like “You know, we are experts in what we do, but we hired this company from Seattle to take a look at some of our advertising and they changed some of the images that we used in the advertising and clicked through rate went up 300%.”

The reason I shared that story with you is when we’re doing what we’re doing and we’re getting revenue coming in, the company is going, we think we are masters at what we do, but sometimes there’s experts out there that can help us improve even more. It’s when we’re saving and we’re struggling we go; we got to turn to an expert because something’s wrong. They want to know even if things are going right, you need to ask the question, are we doing all that we could. Because sometimes just a small tweak from an expert that could cost you this amount of money can have a massive return on investment. So that’s the question you have to ask yourself continually. You need to self-process. And in the self-process, you need to measure what’s going on and take a look at, why are we only getting a 20% return on this step. Did we get more, if we could, what would we need to do? We don’t have any good answers inside.

Sometimes turn to an outside advisor, an outside consultant, say, you guys have a reputation in this area. Can you do better? And if they could improve your performance there by doubling it or tripling it, it could have a massive impact on your overall revenues. So get a process, measure it, and always ask the question, ‘how can we do better?’ If we don’t know how, you’re going to find who can help us do it better. Hope you enjoy this.

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