October 25

Umar Hameed


What is ‘no-fear call-calling’? When I talk to salespeople, they tell me that one of their biggest problems is that they are not getting enough appointments because people are not picking up the telephone at the other end. It is a really scary thing for them to do.



The reason for that is twofold: 1) they don’t have a good process in place so they are already at a disadvantage and 2) it’s their mindset. They have already got fears and doubts and stress there, and with these factors it’s no wonder that they fail so often.

So I researched the best cold-callers that I could find. These are the people that could call someone in your industry without knowing anything about it and start booking appointments. After studying many of these people, we have condensed what works and what doesn’t and we put together a process that’s rock solid. So in the workshop we will teach you that process.

Now the second part is the mindset. I also happen to run the Baltimore Washington Institute of Neurolinguistic Psychology. So I’m an expert at changing human behavior and neuroscience. I have taken some of the best tools from neuroscience and I teach how to remove fear from your heart so the fear of cold calling literally disappears and it won’t come back! We also show you how to access those deep states of performance where you can access feeling totally confident, powerful and unstoppable. And when you have those two things: a rock solid process and the right mindset, it will definitely make you successful and take your sales performance to a much higher level. If you’re serious about your sales career, this is the workshop for you that will have a massive impact on your sales performance.

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