Salespeople become hyper productive the week before their vacation. Everything that needs to be done has to be completed otherwise it will ruin their vacation. Salespeople become expert delegators during this week and off-load menial tasks. And they feel a high sense of urgency to get stuff done.

For the salesperson this week flies by. They close deals faster than they usually do. They accomplish more in less time. They accomplish more with less resources. They become uber salespeople!

For sales managers it’s a bittersweet. Part of them is in awe at the salesperson’s ability to get stuff done. Another part feels that the salesperson has been slacking off the remainder of the year.

True enough, the well rested salesperson comes back from vacation and is nowhere near as productive as the salesperson that left on vacation a few short weeks ago.

What would be the impact on your sales career if you operated in pre-vacation mode every day? It would be huge right?

What would be the impact if your entire sales team was in this hyper productive mode. You would crush the competition.

Well here’s my step-by-step guide on how to get your salespeople and or yourself into this hyper productive state. And don’t forget to watch the video on my website! Read more

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The reason salespeople become hyper productive is that they have a short timeline to get stuff done. Get your salespeople used to seeing the world one week at a time.

This shortened timeline forces them to hyper prioritize. In this mode salespeople only focus on revenue-generating activities that must be done this week. This sense of urgency gets them to interact with the clients in a different way.

Many salespeople know that delegating thing allows them to focus on more important activities like closing accounts. In reality, most salespeople are terrible at delegating. They feel that if they want to get it done right they have to do it themselves. “I can get it done faster than I can explain what needs to be done.” The shortened timeline gives salespeople the excuse/permission they need to delegate.

The shortened timeline makes things critical. This causes the salesperson to have a high sense of urgency to get things done. This creates energy that drives the momentum to accomplish more things.

Sales people in this hyper productive mode don’t burn out. This level of intensity and accomplishment energizes them. At the end of the day in this mode salespeople have more energy because their accomplishments that day bleed over into their “off duty” time.

Happy Selling!

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