May 25

Umar Hameed


Sales training is extremely expensive!

When a company invests in sales training it takes time to find the right trainer. Then they have to take their sales team off-line to attend this day event. When you add all the travel and meal costs this becomes a very expensive investment.

It turns out that only 54% of salespeople hit or exceed their quota. In America we spend over $7.8 billion each year to help our salespeople improve. Research shows that sales training has a motivational effect that improve sales for a short while. Most people revert back to the role behaviors within weeks.

The catalyst that can boost sales training results

The mindset of a salesperson has a huge impact on the behaviors. The world’s best sales trainer can tell a salesperson what to do. Give them step-by-step instructions so they guaranteed to succeed. Unfortunately, most salespeople fall short of that goal because their mindset makes them hesitate.

Neuroscience teaches us how to empower salespeople so they have a stronger mindset. This allows them to fully embrace the sales training and execute without hesitation. Mind training can help your salespeople utilize the sales training that you have invested in previously.

The new Star Wars movie is coming soon. So I thought I’d leave you with the Yoda quote. “Do or not to. There is no try.” When we have a weak mindset we try to follow our sales training. When we have a strong mindset we take decisive action. Mindset is the determining factor in sales success.

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