September 16

Umar Hameed


I wanted to share this idea with you today. Where it’s sports or sales sometimes people go into a slump. To get into a slump, some event happens. Let’s take baseball for example: There’s a batter and the team’s really counting on them, they happen to screw up and immediately spiral down into a slump. When they go into a slump, they put pressure on themselves to do better. That pressure, in turn, forces them to stay in the slump. It becomes really difficult to come out of and can last a long time.


The team might hire them a sports psychologist to work with them and after a few weeks, maybe a few months they get them out of the slump and they get them back to their normal performance. Same thing happens in sales. The salesperson is doing fine and all of a sudden something happens and they get into a slump. Sometimes that slump can last for weeks, even months.

My area of expertise is something called the Neurolinguistic Programming. Basically, we figure out the mere cause of this slump and we change it. The best way to get a sense of what we’re talking about is to listen to William. He was a client that came in that was in a slump for a few weeks then. Just after one good session with him, we figured out the block, removed it and quite literally his sales were ignited and he was back on fire again.

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