January 24

Umar Hameed


What are the chances of you cold calling a company and having the exact product that they need at the exact time they need it? Not very good right. But what if you had a spy in that organization who could tell you exactly what problems and challenges need to be addressed. Not only that but they would tell you who you should be talking to. How the company makes purchases. This information would be invaluable to your sales success.

If you ran the CIA getting a spy placed within your target company would be a piece of cake. There might even be a bond girl or two. I’m assuming you’re not a spy so here is the next best thing.

LinkedIn is a great tool that can help you get this information. The first thing to do is find the company listing on LinkedIN. Then select past employees and a list will appear. If you are directly connected to one of the Ex-employees contact them directly to get the information you need. If you have a second-level connection you can get introduced to them through primary contact. If you have no connection call them at their new company and start a conversation.

If you asked a current employee to give you access to this information you would put them in an awkward position and many employees rightly would be reluctant to cooperate. But past employees are a lot more chatty about their previous employers. Many of them will happily give you all the information you require.

Remember use this technique for good. Happy selling.

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