Rapport is the foundation of Sales. If you can build that connection with another human being, it allows that sales to grow and progress a lot more easily.

This weekend I met a police officer. He’s a lieutenant of the Maryland State Police. A 48 year old guy who pretends to be a 13 year old hot cheerleader! Perverts on the internet start engaging him or ‘her’ and try to set up rendezvous. And once they break the law, the lieutenant’s tech team figures out the location of the guilty through their IP address. So one time they go to a suspect house and there’s four people living there and the team has a very good idea who the guilty party is but they have to get them to confess.

So the lieutenant tells me, a key element in getting a confession is building rapport, with the suspect. So if the suspect is a trucker, the officer has to align himself with the guy to build rapport. So he doesn’t dress in a normal suit that he uses for his day to day activity. This time the lieutenant dresses like a trucker. His dad used to be a trucker so he had something to talk to the trucker about, and so he builds that connection, that rapport with the trucker till there’s trust there.

Keep in mind that the trucker is aware that if he confesses he’s going to go to jail, with a good chance of him getting beaten up, raped or even killed. He has every reason not to trust the cop but the power of rapport is such that once you develop rapport with someone they can’t help but trust you and in sales, you get to figure out what’s really going on at the customer’s end so you can serve your them better. But when you’re an interrogator, you can build that trust and that gives the guy the permission to confess so the interrogator can close the deal, close the case and make the world a safer place.

The power of rapport is awesome and gives you way in a lot of tough situations. Learn to use it and master it and it will serve you really well!

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