Welcome back to the series. This time, we’re going to take a look at the sales process. For a lot of companies, the associates said we’ll go out there and sell stuff. Bring in the orders and we’ll take care of them. They have kind of an ongoing process but it changes from customer to customer, sales rep to sales rep and a sales rep in particular might change the way they do business each time they do a deal.

As sales come in and the company is making money, not a lot of people care about it but you should care about it because when you have a process that’s locked in, what that allows you to do is instead of like constricting everything, it allows you to measure everything. “Wait a minute, why are we doing this process over here, this should be done over there and you can actually change the process to make it better.” If any part of the process isn’t getting you the results you want because you know where it is, you can measure the data on it, you can say, “Our close ratio here isn’t what it should be, let’s take a look at why that’s happening.”
So having a process is really important, continue monitoring and measuring it.

At this day and age with accounting programs, CRMs, you need to figure out how effective any part of that process is and that is something you should be looking at on a monthly basis. You can also use it as early indicators. If a certain part of the process normally gives you a 20% return and all of a sudden it’s gone down to 14%, you might want to take a look at what’s going on, is there something happening in the economy or with the competition that’s causing that and that allows you to make sure there’s no surprises, also since you’re continually improving, you start outperforming your competition and you start getting more and more spectacular every day.

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