February 17

Umar Hameed


I was doing a coaching session with one of my clients who works at an accounting firm. They have served hundreds of client over the past 20 years. I asked if they have a client directory.

A client directory is a great referral building tool. For example, when you meet someone you want to do business with at a networking event ask them to meet with you. On this meeting promise to give them 3 leads. If you have a client directory at least three of your customers could be great partners for this new prospect. This serves 4 purposes:

> This new prospect will meet with you because you are helping them grow their business
> They will feel the need to give you something in return
> You current customers will appreciate you thinking of them
>Past customers might come back as clients if you connect them with prospective business partners
> And it feels great to be of service

This is a great win/win strategy for growing your business by connecting others to opportunities. So get someone in your marketing department to develop a customer directory for you.

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