The second most important key to become a sales superstar is to find the right target for your product or service. It’s a very simple yet effective idea that will boost your sales. Having a good understanding about your target market will help you find customers salivating for your product.

At times salespeople need the right coaching from their sales manager to find the right target for their product. If you wish to increase your sales, the best thing to do is to develop a well thought out action plan. Here’s a simple tip to remember: Work smarter, not harder! If you have an amazing product you must find the right target so you can laser focus your marketing. Marketing to everyone will drain your capital and waste your time.

Here are the steps to find your target market:

1. Figure out what your product does?
2. What are the benefits it provides?
3. What problem does it solve?
4. What is the pain the customer is trying to relieve?

Armed with this information you can zero in on the people who are dying to get their hands on your product or service. If you are a sales manager you can coach your salespeople through this process so they can use this process in the future to find the exact target. Once you know who the target is and what pain they need to solve you can write your marketing directly to them. More importantly you can spend your marketing dollars focusing on this target thus getting a better ROI.

Investing a few hours finding this right target will save you money in marketing costs. It will also help your salespeople be more effective at cold calling and doing face-to-face sales because they know what drives their customers decisions. Finding the right target is a simple but essential first step in becoming a sales superstar.

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