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kick ass motivational speech

7 Easy Steps to Make a KickAss Motivational Speech

A great motivational speech carries a great amount of effort than what meets the eye. It is at the heart of good leadership that one must deliver a speech that goes straight into the mind and illuminates the heart. But it is not always as easy as it seems. Here are 7 easy steps to […]

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18 Critical Questions CEOs Need to Ask Their Sales Managers

Most sales managers do not know how effective their sales organizations really are. They have a handle on things from their perspective (Chief Sales Office, VP of Sales, Sales Director, and front-line sales manager). To be a highly effective sales leader you need to know the answers to the following 18 question to get a […]

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The Best Cold Calling Strategy

Cold calling done right will land you a ton of high-quality appointments. To be great cold calling you have to have a highly effective process and the right mindset to see it through. With these two components in place, you can effortlessly do cold calls and enjoy spectacular results. Steve Richard our kickoff speaker for […]

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7 Keys To Developing A Killer Sales Script

The fastest way to grow your revenue is to land more appointments with highly qualified prospects that have the need, urgency, and budget to buy your product or service. Developing a highly effective sales script is an essential element of any appointment getting campaign. I know people are saying the telephone is hard, use social media. […]

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Build Highly Effective Realtors With NLP

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in a sales organization? A-players are few in number but generate a lot of sales. B-players know how to sell. They may hit their quota but never achieve greatness. The C players, well let’s not talk about them! The paradox is that most B players want to […]

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Building A Strong Culture Within Your Organization

Why is it Important to Build a Strong Culture in Your Organization? Having a weak time wastes as much as 40% – 50% of an organizations’ profits. Weak teams lead to office politics and silos that reduce productivity. Strong teams with a strong culture on the other hand consistently deliver exceptional results.

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Unlock Your Sales Potential

The Most Effective Way to Unlock Your Sales Potential Right now, your organization has a trapped 25% of sales potential within it. No amount of sales training is going to help. When everyone within the organization fully commits to one another, people go above and beyond that call of duty. Watch the video to find […]

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