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improve your productivity at work using NLP

Improve Your Performance At Work With NLP

High-performance organizations have better employee retention, they are more productive and generate more revenue and profits than their mediocre counterparts. Additionally, they make better decisions and are able to course correct sooner when mistakes are made. These organizations are always looking for ways to Improve Performance. To build an exceptional organization you need to ensure that […]

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EPISODE 007: Keith Scott, President and CEO of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce

Keith (@KeithBScott) is the president and CEO of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce (@baltcochamber) and the Small Business Resource Center. He’s an action oriented person and believes in persistence, continuing to figure out who you are and refining oneself. Highlights from the Podcast: 1. The more you observe people, the better you understand their […]

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Mindhack to become Fearless in Life

This elegant strategy will allow you to overcome any fear or hesitation that gets in your way.

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EPISODE 006: Chris Mechanics, CEO at WebMechanix shares how you get more done by focusing on fewer initiatives

Chris Mechanic is the CEO and Co-Founder at @WebMechanix. Chris was recently selected as a finalist by Ernst & Young for their Entrepreneur of the Year award. Chris and and his partner (Arsham Mirshah) started WebMechanix in the basement of the family home in 2009. They have grown Webmechanix into a prominent digital agency in […]

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EPISODE 005: NRG CEO and Founder Mike Weiner shares how being of service has doubled his sales

Mike is the founder and president of Network Referral Group (NRG). Mike is the author of The NRG Advantage, the definitive book of using referrals to grow your business.  He has guided thousands of salespeople and organizations to grow their revenue.    Highlights from this podcast   Serve not sell! Focus on people and their needs, […]

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kick ass motivational speech

7 Easy Steps to Make a KickAss Motivational Speech

A great motivational speech carries a great amount of effort than what meets the eye. It is at the heart of good leadership that one must deliver a speech that goes straight into the mind and illuminates the heart. But it is not always as easy as it seems. Here are 7 easy steps to […]

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18 Critical Questions CEOs Need to Ask Their Sales Managers

Most sales managers do not know how effective their sales organizations really are. They have a handle on things from their perspective (Chief Sales Office, VP of Sales, Sales Director, and front-line sales manager). To be a highly effective sales leader you need to know the answers to the following 18 question to get a […]

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