September 28

Umar Hameed


Cold calling done right will land you a ton of high-quality appointments. To be great cold calling you have to have a highly effective process and the right mindset to see it through. With these two components in place, you can effortlessly do cold calls and enjoy spectacular results.

Steve Richard our kickoff speaker for our Sales Mastery Series is a ninja at cold calling. In the first part of his program, he laid out a process to engage cold-calling prospects in a conversation that will lead to an appointment. The process included:

  • Researching the prospect to find trigger events within the prospect’s organization before you pick up the phone
  • Requesting an opportunity to have a conversation with the prospect in the opening phase of the call
  • Use your research to share trigger events as a conversation starter
  • Building rapport with the prospect so you can ask deeper questions that will lead to an appointment
  • Ask for and landing the appointment first then asking for other team members to be included in that meeting so all decision makers are present

In the second part of his presentation, Steve did a replay of an actual cold call to show how this process works. During this reply using ExecVision technology, he was able to stop the call at any stage and highlight best practices. Or replay parts of this call to make sure we learned the intricacies of his cold calling process. This took a theoretical process and made it real and doable for the audience.

In the final part of his presentation, Steve asked an audience member to give him the name, phone number and job title of a prospect. a 30 second understanding of the audience members business. Armed with this minimal information Steve masterfully did a live cold call from the stage.

Watch the video of Steve making that call

Download Steve’s slide deck from this presentation

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