August 10

Umar Hameed


Your customers are transmitting a wealth of information with their words, mannerisms and tonality. If you’re fully present, this information can help you avoid disaster or close the sales faster than you thought possible. Most salespeople are too busy thinking about what to say next so the don’t even notice the opportunity they have before them.

Most people are an open book because their unconscious mind is transmitting their inner thoughts all the time. In this video you will learn a simple technique to be fully present and in the moment.

When you are fully present you can pick up on buying signal form your customers more easily and close the sale. You can also pick up any hesitations that the customer is having on your sales presentation and handle the hidden objection with ease.

The Main Five Areas of Sales:

Being fully present is useful in any sales process including in these areas:

  • Getting the appointment
  • Handling objections
  • Doing the presentation
  • Closing the sale
  • And getting referrals

If you are serious about learning new sales techniques you must master the art of being present.

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