November 27

Umar Hameed


Salespeople often think of themselves as providers of solutions. A better way for salespeople to think of themselves is as problem solvers. This subtle shift allows them to solve the problem first then find the ideal solution. As opposed to finding the solution and trying to shoehorn it into the problem.

I think problem-solving should be an integral part of a salesperson’s training. Clients see salespeople that solve problems well as experts in their field. Clients want o do business with experts because they find better solutions faster.

One way to become a better solution finder is to be lazy!

Let me explain, it doesn’t matter how many closets you have in your house because you will fill up every single one with your stuff. The same is true for doing projects it’s only natural you would use up every single second of time that is available to you. An abundance of time often leads to looking at all the parameters that could possibly get in the way of finding a solution.

If you reduce the available time drastically it forces you to only take the essential elements into account. This simplifies the problem by removing superfluous information which accelerates your thinking so you arrive at a solution faster. Often times the solution with a shorter time frame is better.

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