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Welcome to the No Limits Selling system. This course is designed for two very important reasons: Number one: beliefs, and number two effectiveness.

Beliefs in our society impose a lot of how people’s mindsets work. So what if there was a way that we can actually be ourselves our authentic selves, we could connect with people in a deeper way, and basically help them see why our solution is the best solution and why it makes sense. That's the simply selling system. Here’s the burning question: is it effective?

Simply selling is a six step process:
1. Rapport: The most important aspect of the entire system. This is where you connect with other human beings in a deeper way, breaking through all the barriers that they hold up against salespeople.
2. Expectations: This is the expectation of our time together, and to know and understand the journey we’ll be taking.
3. Leverage: To get somebody emotionally involved in making that buying decision. How to get them connected with their emotions aside from their intellect.
4. Information: It’s critical for you to know as a salesperson, how to move the deal forward.
5. Summation: Someone comes to you with a massive problem and only you can provide the solution
6. Harness: In this step you will learn how to bring them to say, I want to work with you.

That's simply selling and it's going to change your sales career.

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Have you wanted to accomplish something spectacular that would have changed your life? But your anxiety made you fail.

Imagine if you could have removed your anxiety as soon as it appeared. It would have been just you, your dream, and a drive to succeed. Removing your anxiety sets you free to build a spectacular life. This course shows you how to remove anxiety in under 5 mins. So you can go about building the life you want.

In this course you will learn:

👉🏻 How to identify and remove anxiety in 5 mins
👉🏻 How to be more confident in every area of your life
👉🏻 How to go after bigger goals and attain them

9 Lessons - Easy

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Your mindset is the number one determining factor in how well you do in every area of your life. Mindset separates champions from average performers. A strong mindset allows people to have more grit and resilience.

The Success Mindset course shows how do you develop a winning mindset? You will learn techniques from Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming that will allow you to show up in life more powerfully.

Ready to switch on awesomeness?

In this course, you will:

Learn to take direct control of how you feel in any situation. For example, if you need to feel more powerful on an off-day. No problem, within seconds, you will learn how to get your mind to generate the feeling of immense power.

Learn to remove unwanted behaviors that are sabotaging your success. This technique only takes five minutes to transform a limiting behavior into an empowering one.

Learn to be fully present at any moment, no matter what's going on around you. This technique takes seconds to work and delivers inner strength and inner peace.

Learn to create designer drugs. Well, not drugs; you learn how to create custom feelings that will allow you to succeed at any task. For example, if you need to feel unstoppable (to be confident of success) and humble (so your ego stays in check) for a particular task, you can do that in minutes.

Learn how to create a positive mindset, so you see the world differently. This new mindset allows you to see opportunities and wonder everywhere you look.

Learn how to mute the negative voice inside your head. Without the negative voice sabotaging your efforts, you will reduce your stress and successfully take on and achieve more challenging goals.

Learn how to let go of past negative events that still hold you hostage. Within minutes you will remove these roadblocks and accelerate your success.

Learn to use the immense visual processer in your mind to create surefire strategies to achieve exceptional results in every area of your life.

Learn how to remove anxiety and stress so you can bounce back from failure in five or six minutes. The ability to rebound quickly will lead to more happiness and success.

This course is a step-by-step guide to taking charge of your mindset and life. You will learn tools and techniques to make you better, stronger, and faster.

Ready to take charge of your mindset and start a new chapter of your life?

13 Lessons - Easy