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6 Lessons - Intermediate

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Welcome to the No Limits Selling system. This course is designed for two very important reasons: Number one: beliefs, and number two effectiveness.

Beliefs in our society impose a lot of how people’s mindsets work. So what if there was a way that we can actually be ourselves our authentic selves, we could connect with people in a deeper way, and basically help them see why our solution is the best solution and why it makes sense. That's the simply selling system. Here’s the burning question: is it effective?

Simply selling is a six step process:
1. Rapport: The most important aspect of the entire system. This is where you connect with other human beings in a deeper way, breaking through all the barriers that they hold up against salespeople.
2. Expectations: This is the expectation of our time together, and to know and understand the journey we’ll be taking.
3. Leverage: To get somebody emotionally involved in making that buying decision. How to get them connected with their emotions aside from their intellect.
4. Information: It’s critical for you to know as a salesperson, how to move the deal forward.
5. Summation: Someone comes to you with a massive problem and only you can provide the solution
6. Harness: In this step you will learn how to bring them to say, I want to work with you.

That's simply selling and it's going to change your sales career.

7 Lessons - Easy

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Cold calling is one of the most dreaded things for salespeople. Possibly a salesperson’s worst nightmare. What happens is that a lot of companies get website degeneration and yes that leads to business but if you take a closer look at the large companies’ data, cold calling is the fastest, most optimized way to get business.

So, In this course we will break the whole process of cold calling.
👉🏻I will teach you the most effective ways to get the right conversations going with the right people

After finishing the course cold calling will become the most efficient way for you to get the right conversations going with the right people.

16 Lessons - Easy