August 12

Umar Hameed


It’s not about you!

Way too many companies get caught up in their own story. How wonderful our solution is, how this solution is to change the world, why customers should be knocking down our door to get this amazing, life-changing solution. It’s not hard to get caught up in this “me centered” view of the world. Our engineers, marketers and salespeople are trying to build the best products. So it’s easy to drink the Kool-Aid and see the world from the “we are the best” viewpoint.

There is a better way that is best summed up by three ideas. I use T.R.I. as a simple way to remember them


We need to see the world from a customer’s point of view. What are their trials and tribulations? Where do they need help the most. Understanding customers in this way allows us to build products and services that address their needs more precisely. This understanding also allows us to communicate more directly to the pain points that our target customers are experiencing. When our customers see this marketing it jumps out and grabs them by the throat. This customer centric approach ensures that we continually stay relevant.


Every single human being on earth has a purpose in life. The same is true for corporations. The problem is most individuals and most corporations have not uncovered what their true purpose is. Often times they go into company retreats and think about the values that they would like to stand for. They create creative slogans that make these values come to life. But finding purpose is more organic. It’s more real. What we need is to uncover what of the beliefs that drive our organization. The clue to purpose does not come from values because values are a byproduct of beliefs. Purpose comes from knowing our beliefs. These beliefs could be the founders beliefs or the beliefs of the leadership team.


Once we uncover how we are relevant to our customers. And we know what the purpose of our organization is, we are ready for the third element. Tenacity in this context means taking the right actions ferociously. Doing whatever it takes to keep on going no matter what obstacles come in our way. Instilling in our employees that the only way we can live our purpose is to take action that’s relevant and in harmony with our purpose.

The way I like to arrange these three words (tenacity, relevant, integrity) is T. R. I, “try.” When you get these three elements right it creates a sweet spot for your organization. So you continually check in with your customers see stay relevant. You know what beliefs drive your organization so you can stay true to your purpose. And taking massive action as if there is no tomorrow moves your organization forward. This is how you build a mindset for your organization that creates a culture of continual improvement.


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