September 29

Umar Hameed


Rocky Balboa’s deep insight that can help you reach your sales potential.

I just saw the trailer for an upcoming movie called Creed. There’s a scene where Rocky is coaching Apollo Creed’s son. He points to the reflection of creed in the mirror and says the following.

“See that guy there? He’s can be your toughest opponent in the ring and out of the ring.”

There’s been a ton of research done on the connection between self-image and  accomplishment. You have to know who you are. What you are great at and what needs improvement. And what you won’t ever attempt.

More importantly uncovering why you behave this way. Pythagoras put it succinctly, “Know thyself!”

This is sound advice but the question is how do you get to know thyself?

In sales, salespeople know what activities they shy away from because they feel uncomfortable attempting it. Salespeople know how much not doing a needed behavior is costing them in lost sales. If sales managers knew what the root cause was they could help the salespeople overcome their blocks. If the salespeople knew themselves they could course correct and boost their sales.

The easiest way to uncover what’s stopping you from achieving the results you want is to listen to your body. When you go to attempt something and you feel yourself hesitating or distracting yourself to pursue an easier task ask yourself this question to turn things around. Ask yourself, “What about this makes me feel uncomfortable?” As soon as you ask that question and answer will bubble up.

This uncovers a surface issue. You can go deeper by continually asking ‘because?’ Each time you ask because you go another layer deeper until you reach the core issue that haunts you.

When you get to the core issue ask, How do I overcome this? Every question that you can ask has an answer. Even if you don’t know the answer that question will allow you to find the right expert who can help you answer it.

The fastest way to improve your performance is self-discovery.

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