October 27

Umar Hameed


What’s the best way to motivate a salesperson so they deliver spectacular results?

Before I answer that question let me give you a primer on how the human mind works. Speed is essential for survival. If you’re going to be attacked by snakes you only have a split second to save your life.

Make sense right!

To give humans the ability to think extremely quickly our brain uses something called meta-programs. Think of these metaprograms as a hot wired response to a certain situation. For example, people are towards people or away from people. Towards people are seeking to accomplish goals win prizes and look good doing it. Away from people want to avoid heartache and pain and look good doing it.

In this video sales managers can learn how to figure out if a salesperson is a towards person or an away from person. Armed with this knowledge they can motivate their staff accordingly to go above and beyond the call of duty. In subsequent posts I will share other metaprograms that govern our lives.

Stay tuned.


image by Paul Nylander

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