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Become Awesomer With NLP!

Hi, my name is Umar and I teach salespeople, Executives  and leaders Applied Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so they become awesomer! These mindset tools improve performance in sales, leadership, and life.

Your mindset determines your success. Take mind training for a test drive, 3 Keys To Building The Life You Want.

Keynote Motivational Speaker

Mark JankowskiPresident, Amplified Learning

Umar is an incredible motivational speaker and can get any group to strive to achieve more. I do not give out many "5 Star" reviews. Umar, however, gets one from me. His content is only outdone by his delivery style. Umar gets people to break through their own barriers and achieve higher goals. I recommend him highly.

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This Is How I Make You And Your Team Awesomer!

Motivational - Keynote

People want to hear keynote presentations about something new and exciting that they an implement right away. I show people how to take charge of their mindset so they can break through any limitation that stops them from being awesomer. more

Mind Training Workshop

Get 30%+ boost in individual and team performance with mind training. A Success Mindset allows you and your team to get better results. A Success Mindset ensures the level of passion, commitment and urgency go through the roof.  more

Coaching Consulting

Sales Coaching

In every sales team, there are a few A-Players and a lot of B-Players. I teach executives and teams how to break through their limitations so they don't just settle for being good. Imagine the impact if 20% of your Bs became A-Players. more