The Human Side of Sales & Leadership.

Hi, my name is Umar, and learning new things is my highest value. My podcast allows me to learn wicked cool things from my guests.

The No Limits Selling podcast is focused on sales, leadership, and life. In all endeavors, mindset is the driving factor that determines success or failure.

Bottom line, I interview fascinating people and figure out what makes them extraordinary.

Insightful Conversations With Leaders 

I help you get inside their head so you can figure out how they do what they do

December 2, 2021


December 2, 2021


December 1, 2021


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About Umar.

My name is Umar Hameed, I am a keynote speaker, an author, and a kick-ass amazing coach. This is what sets me apart coaches:

Over 36 years of experience as a successful business and sales consultant
Over 18 years experience in changing human behavior using Neuroscience, NLP and Hypnosis
Keynote speaker at conferences in 16 countries
Author of 3 books including, "Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!