Handling Objections with Ease.

Taking criticism and objections could be discouraging especially when you’re trying your best.

Through this mindset booster, you can be in control of your own situation and shift your perspective to handle objections positively.


Rebound from a Setback.

Everyone hates failures but it takes a smart sales person to know that failures are not only common in sales but also offer extraordinary opportunities. Through this mindset booster you can learn how to avoid being sidetracked after a setback and bounce back in minutes. 


Plan The Week.

An awesome Sunday evening booster to wrap up your weekend peacefully and use the power of your unconscious mind to design a highly productive week.


Successful Meeting.

First impressions are the last impressions? Scratch that! Listen to this amazing mindset booster to bring out the boldest, most confident version of you so you can be ready to close any successful business opportunity.


Fearless Cold Calling.

Calling anxiety is real and at times it can crawl up on even the best salespeople.

This specially designed NLP mindset booster has got you covered to cleanse all anxiety and stress out of your system so you can be powerful and stay on track to make cold calls fearlessly again.


Asking for Referrals.

Referrals are a great way of networking that lead to big sales. Asking for referrals could be a difficult task for some salespeople. Through this mindset booster you’ll learn how to effortlessly ask for referrals and do it masterfully.


Asking for the Sale.

You got the whole pitch ready but you can’t pop ‘the question’ because you got cold feet? Stage fright? Elevator pitch fright?

This amazing NLP technique has got you covered. You’ll now make a great sales presentation and wind it up confidently asking for a sale every time.


Rejection Proof.

Every time you walk into a sales situation, visualize you are wearing a rejection proof vest. Can you imagine the kind of impact it would have on your career and confidence in a matter of months? Let this amazing mindset booster give you a kick start on how to become bullet proof to rejections.


They are Too Important.

If you are a great salesperson when it comes to regular accounts but freeze up when the client is a whale, this Mindset Booster is for you.

It will make you comfortable and confident regardless of the prestige of the client. Listen to this and go close business.


Getting Past Disappointment.

Failures and disappointments are a big part of sales. The key is being consistent and ready to bounce back better and stronger. This amazing mindset booster will help you get over disappointments in minutes so you can get back on the hunt for new business.


Challenging Conversations.

Confrontation is uncomfortable but for the wise salesperson it can be a very useful tool to tap into undiscovered potential opportunities to move things along. This game changing mindset booster will allow you to have challenging conversations easily and help you keep your eyes on the prize.


Getting Past No.

It’s hard to move forward when you keep hearing Nos. But once you train your brain into seeing Nos as bridges you can cross to Yesses, you’ll be fearless and unstoppable.