This is a beautiful meditation that will be a great way to start your day. It guides you to enliven your body with loving golden light washing away any negative thoughts and feelings that could stop you from being at your best.

This Mindset Booster is designed to connect you with your body. It makes you pay attention to each part of your body bringing peace and calm to your mind.


Learn The Lesson And Move On (9:09 sec)

Much of our stress and anxiety comes from unresolved events from the past. This Mindset Booster gets you to learn the lesson that the past events has for you so you can finally let go of it. Then it removes all of the uncomfortable feelings associated with the past event so you can move on with your life.


Ultimate Healing (7:30 sec)

This Mindset Booster takes you on a meditation that brings a sense of healing throughout your body and mind. It reconnects your mind, body, and spirit so you feel like a whole person that is ready for whatever life has in store.


Access Inner Power (7:00 sec)

The ancients had incredible knowledge that empowered human beings to achieve greatness. This Mindset Booster is based on one of these gems. It lets you access inner strength and inner peace within minutes.


A Conversation With Future You (8:28 sec)

Use the phenomenal power of your unconscious mind to bring wisdom to your thinking, proposals, and projects. This Mindset Booster allows you think 3 dimensionally so you get deeper insights and foresee problems that would have sabotaged your efforts


Inner Smile Meditation (11:59 sec)

Inner Smile aligns your mind and body to function as one highly effective unit. It uses a blend of Chinese medicine combined with energy work to create a calming experience.

Liquid Love Meditation (7:00 sec)

This Mindset Booster makes you feel loved. It brings in love into every part of your body to nurture and enhance functions. This is a great way to get centered so you can be at your very best.