Thanks for choosing my "7 Ways to Overcome Anxiety" audiobook.

It's a powerful step to personal growth. Enjoy!

What you will learn in this audiobook👇

  • What causes anxiety 
  • The 6 types of anxiety
  • 7 ways to overcome it
  • A bonus 8th way to overcome it
  • Learn how to start loving your life again

About Coach Umar

My mission in life is to make the world a happier place. I teach people how to take charge of their mindset to overcome limitations and discover their best selves.

I have written three books on mindset. I am an international keynote speaker who has spoken in 16 countries. Most important of all, I have helped thousands of people break through their barriers and start living happier, more successful lives.


Keri Shull


Freedom From Anxiety

Umar's guidance has been life-changing in my battle against anxiety. His empathy and understanding created a safe space for me to confront my fears. With his practical tools and unwavering support, I've developed coping mechanisms and gained confidence.

Jarett Fleagle


Unlocking Inner Peace

Coach Umar's coaching empowered me to embrace vulnerability and grow beyond anxiety. In a non-judgmental environment, I discovered the underlying causes of my anxiety and learned strategies to overcome them.

Michael J. Schiff


Overcoming Anxiety

It has been a truly transformative experience in my battle with anxiety. From the very first session, he displayed a deep understanding of my struggles and provided unwavering support. With his guidance, I gained a newfound perspective on my anxious thoughts and learned powerful techniques to manage them effectively