March 23

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Will Gen Z Make Great Salespeople?

On Episode 70 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Robert M. Peterson Ph.D. Robert M. Peterson Ph.D is the Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sales at Northern Illinois University. He holds degrees from Indiana University, George Washington University and the University of Memphis. He spent his sabbatical studying sales enablement; other interests include improv, negotiation, and training-oriented innovations. Dr. Peterson is the Editor of the Journal of Selling and has completed the Second City Improv curriculum.

Rob created the National Sales Challenge and the Sales Decathlon, both collegiate sales competitions while earning six national teaching awards. He is passionate about winemaking, Boy Scouts, and making a difference in higher ed, yet his teenage twins are convinced he knows nothing.

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Introduction and Background

The podcast begins with an introduction of Dr. Robert M. Peterson, who is the Dean’s Distinguished Professor of Sales at Northern Illinois University. He holds degrees from Indiana University, George Washington University, and the University of Memphis. Dr. Peterson has a diverse range of interests, including sales enablement, improv, negotiation, and training-oriented innovations. He is also the Editor of the Journal of Selling and has completed the Second City Improv curriculum.

Sales Enablement and Its Importance

Dr. Peterson spent his sabbatical studying sales enablement, which he defines as the process of providing the sales organization with the information, content, and tools that help salespeople sell more effectively. He emphasizes the importance of sales enablement in today's business environment, stating that it is a critical factor in improving sales performance and achieving business goals.

Role of Improv in Sales

Drawing from his experience in improv, Dr. Peterson discusses the role of improvisation in sales. He believes that improv skills can greatly enhance a salesperson's ability to adapt to different situations, think on their feet, and effectively communicate with customers. He also shares insights from his completion of the Second City Improv curriculum, highlighting how it has influenced his approach to sales and teaching.

Negotiation Techniques and Training Innovations

Dr. Peterson also delves into the topic of negotiation, sharing his thoughts on effective negotiation techniques and how they can be applied in sales. He stresses the importance of understanding the other party's needs and finding a win-win solution. In addition, Dr. Peterson talks about his interest in training-oriented innovations, explaining how new methods and technologies can enhance sales training and development.


In conclusion, the podcast interview with Dr. Robert M. Peterson, a distinguished professor of sales, provides valuable insights into various aspects of sales, including sales enablement, improvisation, negotiation, and training innovations. Dr. Peterson emphasizes the importance of sales enablement as a critical tool for improving sales performance. He also highlights the role of improvisation in enhancing a salesperson's adaptability and communication skills.

Additionally, he discusses effective negotiation techniques and the role of innovative training methods in sales development. Dr. Peterson concludes by encouraging salespeople to continuously learn, adapt, and maintain a positive mindset, underlining these as key elements for success in the sales field.

Questions & Answers

Who is Dr. Robert M. Peterson?

What is Sales Enablement and why is it important?

How does Improv influence Sales?

What are some effective Negotiation Techniques in Sales?

How can Training Innovations enhance Sales Development?

What advice does Dr. Peterson have for Salespeople?

What are some challenges faced by the new generation of salespeople?

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