Top 9 Ways Realtors Prospect to Land Clients

On Episode 293 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Maxime Lafreniere, Luxury real estate broker in Quebec. A true figurehead in luxury real estate in Montreal's most sought-after neighbourhoods, Maxime has built a solid reputation as a fine negotiator. His experience in the construction industry lends itself very well to real estate, where he puts his attention to detail as well as his ability to explain information for the benefit of his clients, in order to guide them with transparency in each step of their real estate projects.

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Umar Hameed introduces himself as the host of The No Limits Selling Podcast, where industry leaders share tips, strategies, and advice for personal and professional growth. He invites listeners to remove their negative inner voice and transform it into a positive force for success.

Exploring Real Estate Passion

  1. Umar Hameed interviews Maxime Lafreniere, a successful broker from Montreal, Canada.
  2. Maxime shares his passion for real estate, particularly negotiation, showcasing properties, and his construction background.
  3. They discuss the three groups in real estate: new realtors, team leaders, and experienced professionals looking to break free from plateaus.

Prospecting Challenges and Strategies

  1. Umar and Maxime focus on the challenges of prospecting in real estate.
  2. Maxime highlights the fear and discomfort associated with cold calling and the importance of overcoming it.
  3. They discuss the significance of knowing local real estate statistics and recent sales to establish credibility and provide value in conversations.
  4. The importance of building a personal connection during prospecting calls is emphasized.

Five Ways to Overcome Prospecting Fear

  1. Maxime shares the first strategy: knowing the local market statistics and recent sales.
  2. The second strategy is to approach conversations on a personal level rather than strictly business-focused.
  3. The third strategy is consistent and effective follow-up with prospects.
  4. The fourth strategy involves maintaining a well-organized database to track conversations and ensure timely follow-up.
  5. Umar adds the fifth strategy of developing and following a process that improves prospecting efficiency and results.

Door Knocking as an Effective Prospecting Method

  1. Umar and Maxime discuss the effectiveness of door knocking in real estate.
  2. They emphasize the importance of having relevant information to share with homeowners and starting conversations with value.
  3. Maxime explains how door knocking provides a personal touch and facilitates relationship building.

Prospecting through Center of Influence

  1. Maxime highlights the significance of reaching out to one's center of influence (COI) for successful prospecting.
  2. Building personal connections and sharing valuable information with past clients can lead to referrals and future business opportunities.

Challenges and Tips for Team Leaders

  1. Umar asks Maxime about his experience as a team leader and the lessons he has learned.
  2. Maxime mentions the challenges of building a system and finding reliable staff.
  3. They discuss the importance of creating a motivating environment, open communication, and inclusivity within the team.
  4. Maxime emphasizes the value of listening to staff and getting their input to foster a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

  1. Umar inquires about Maxime's personal growth and development.
  2. Maxime mentions expanding into the commercial real estate market and focusing on efficient systems and organization.
  3. He expresses joy in seeing his team and business grow, building relationships with clients, and guiding them through important transactions.

Mind Hacks for Success

  1. Maxime shares his mind hack: not caring about what others think and focusing on hard work and personal growth.
  2. He advises staying determined and ignoring negative comments or competition.


Umar wraps up the podcast episode, expressing gratitude to Maxime for sharing his expertise and insights on real estate and leadership. He encourages listeners to leave a rating and check out his website for additional resources.


What did Maxime Lafreniere love about real estate?

What are some common challenges in prospecting?

What are five ways to overcome the fear of prospecting?

What is door knocking, and how can it be an effective prospecting method?

How can realtors effectively prospect through their center of influence?

What should realtors consider before building a team?

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