Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions

On Episode 25 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. Tim Riesterer (@TRiesterer) helps companies develop, deploy and deliver customer conversations that win! Organizations work with Corporate Visions when they want to develop more compelling messages that break through the status quo and differentiate their organization from the competitors; deploy those messages in powerful self-service and sales-directed customer conversation tools that are more remarkable and memorable than everyone else’s content; and finally, enable your salespeople to deliver this content with skills training for creating, elevating and capturing more value in your customer conversations.

Podcast Highlights:

  • It's your job to make sense of the marketplace
  • It's your job to make your message understandable and memorable
  • It's your job to create and elevate value in your prospect's mind

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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The podcast features Tim Riesterer, the Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, who shares his insights on sales strategies and decision-making processes. The host, Umar Hameed, introduces the podcast as a platform where industry leaders share their strategies and advice to make listeners better, stronger, and faster.

The Power of Simplified Communication

Tim Riesterer shares an example of how he helped Motorola communicate their complex product offerings in a simplified manner. He explains how he condensed a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation into a single, concrete visual that anyone could understand. This approach emphasized the value of Motorola's private network for data and voice, contrasting it with the limitations of public networks. The key takeaway from this discussion is the importance of clear, simple communication in making a complex product or service understandable and appealing to potential customers.

Understanding Decision-Making Processes

Riesterer discusses the science behind decision-making, explaining how people often justify their decisions based on rational, logical content. However, he argues that this rational content is not necessarily what drives the initial decision, which is often influenced by emotional and intuitive responses. This is particularly true when trying to dislodge an incumbent in a competitive market. Riesterer emphasizes the importance of understanding this distinction to create effective sales strategies.

Overcoming Commodity Stories

Riesterer explains how companies often fall into the trap of creating "commodity stories" by focusing on known customer needs and mapping them to their known capabilities. This approach often leads to a lack of differentiation from competitors. Instead, Riesterer suggests identifying and introducing "unconsidered needs" and mapping them to unique and differentiated solutions. This approach creates a story that pushes the urgency envelope and emphasizes the uniqueness of the offering.

The Importance of Reinforcing the Status Quo

Riesterer discusses the importance of reinforcing the status quo when dealing with existing customers. He explains that while it's necessary to defeat the status quo bias when acquiring new customers, it's equally important to reinforce it when you are the status quo. This approach strengthens your stronghold and increases the likelihood of customer retention and expansion.


In this insightful podcast, Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, sheds light on the intricacies of sales strategies and decision-making processes. He emphasizes the power of simplified communication, using an example from his experience with Motorola to illustrate how complex ideas can be distilled into easily understandable concepts. Riesterer also delves into the psychology behind decision-making, highlighting the often overlooked emotional and intuitive factors that drive initial decisions. He further discusses the pitfalls of "commodity stories" and advocates for the introduction of "unconsidered needs" to differentiate offerings and create urgency. Lastly, he underscores the importance of reinforcing the status quo when dealing with existing customers to ensure customer retention and expansion. The podcast encapsulates Riesterer's wealth of knowledge and experience, providing valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies and understand the multifaceted nature of decision-making.

Questions & Answers

What is the importance of simplified communication in sales?

How does emotional and intuitive decision-making influence sales strategies?

What are "commodity stories" and how can they be avoided in sales?

Why is reinforcing the status quo important for customer retention?

How can understanding both rational and emotional aspects of decision-making enhance sales strategies?

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Umar Hameed is an expert in changing individual behavior and improving team dynamics. He uses techniques and tools from the world of Applied Neuroscience and NLP to make individuals and organizations more successful. His business savvy and neuroscience combination gives him the unique ability to help salespeople become exceptional. Umar is an international keynote speaker who has done presentations in 16 countries. ✅✅✅He is the author of three books; the latest is Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!


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