December 28

Kyle Seyboth on Great Leaders


Broker Owner and Founder of The Seyboth Team, Kyle Seyboth is one of the most trusted and top-selling realtors in Rhode Island. He truly values the trust that his clients place in him and is committed to working hard for every home buyer and seller.

His responsiveness to clients and expertise of the local residential and commercial real estate market has earned him #1 Realtor Nationwide by Wall Street Journal/ Real Trends for 2019. He was also nominated Top 10 National Real Estate Producer by Wall Street Journal/ Real Trends from 2018-2020. Kyle was recognized as the Top Realtor for Keller Williams Realty from 2016-2019 and Rhode Island’s Housing’s Realtor of the Year. In both 2019 and 2020, he sold over 500 units resulting in over 140 Million in sales. As a seasoned property investor as well, he is also sought by real estate investors looking to grow their portfolio in RI and MA.

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Umar Hameed 0:01
Are you ready to become awesomer? Hello everyone! My name is Umar Hameed, I'm your host on the No Limits Selling Podcast, where industry leaders share their tips, strategies and advice on how you can become better, stronger, faster. Just before we get started, I've got a question for you, do you have a negative voice inside your head? We all do, right? I'm gonna help you remove that voice and under 30 days guaranteed, not only remove it, but transform it. So instead of the voice that sabotages you, there's one that propels you to much higher levels of performance and success. There's a link in the show notes, click on it to find out more. All right! Let's get started.

Umar Hameed 0:40
Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the No Limits Selling Podcast. Today, we have Kyle Seyboth here today. He runs a team. He's in real estate and he's making it happen. Kyle, welcome to the show.

Kyle Seyboth 0:53
Hey, Umar, thank you so much for having me on. Yes, definitely out here producing on a regular basis and trying to produce on a super high level.

Umar Hameed 1:02
Excellent. So I was looking at my notes, so tell me how many transactions you did in 2020?

Kyle Seyboth 1:08
2020, I did 492. Now, just to be clear, that is not as a team that is me individually, there is no other, other folks that are, there are no other folks that produce, it's just me.

Umar Hameed 1:22
Wow, that's like Rockstar status.

Kyle Seyboth 1:24

Umar Hameed 1:24
So what's your support team like to help you kind of achieve that.

Kyle Seyboth 1:28
So we have to administrative assistants, I have four transaction coordinators, I have two runners that help kind of run around and do things for me. I have one scheduler that helps with my buyer appointments. And I have one inside sales person.

Umar Hameed 1:46
So let's talk about the scheduler, because that's actually the bane of a lot of people's existence in real estate and beyond. So tell me how they work? Do they get leads coming in? Or do they generate leads?

Kyle Seyboth 1:58
No scheduler does none of the above. The scheduler literally works with our current buyers, our current sellers, our current listing appointments, and basically schedules everything. So takes my schedule from beginning of day to end the day and schedules at my entire day.

Umar Hameed 2:14
Brilliant. So tell me, how do you get leads coming in? How do you start relationships with clients?

Kyle Seyboth 2:19
So we have lead gen in multiple different facets. We pay the pay per lead, right? So we have leads that we pay for the Zillow or realtor.com, the you know, the Opscity, that sort of stuff. Then we have some of our social media planning pages that we're doing on a regular basis. And then finally, a lot of our business comes from referrals past clients, or folks that hear about us via branding.

Umar Hameed 2:43
Brilliant. So a lot of people have relationships with you. And so how do you slice your time up, so you actually give them the attention they need xo it's not just unknown entity helping them, it's you personally.

Kyle Seyboth 2:55
Yeah, I mean, I think I really do a nice job focusing on income producing activities and utilizing my time on activities that will produce future revenue for myself in the overall brokerage on a side note. So it's really a, you know, if it's something that's not going to drive revenue, or that top line, I typically don't get involved in it.

Umar Hameed 3:16
So a good example of that is like you're living your truth is that we had a little bit of technical issues starting this podcast. And rather than try and figure it out, you were working on your phone, and you went to do port and stuff, while the technical folks were figuring it out. Whereas most people would actually sit here and watch the technical person or struggle. So how do you get to discipline to kind of stay in design.

Kyle Seyboth 3:36
So I understand that to produce at a high level, you have to delegate certain things that you're not good at, and also delegate certain things that will allow you to increase your production by utilizing your time where it's necessary. So I'm not the tech guy, right? So I'm not gonna sit here and try to pretend like I understand how to get this set up. My time needs to be utilized on any of the clients have been texting me or calling me or whatever, so that I'm getting back to them.

Umar Hameed 4:03
So is this like, have you always been like this? Or is this something that you came to an epiphany and you went, "Wait a minute, I need to stop wasting time, I need to focus on what's most important."

Kyle Seyboth 4:12
Um, I think it's basically transpired over time and grown over time, but I think it was since we started. So I've been in this business 10 years, and I really haven't touched any of the administrative or task based task based things within real estate. So it's it's definitely progressed over time.

Umar Hameed 4:29
What's kind of interesting is when I talk to, because I speak to a lot of leaders in real estate, and one of the things they recommend is for younger agents, you know, as soon as you can start hiring people to help you do that. And I think what they're really thinking is, you know, be in the industry for six months a year and then hire the people you need, but you didn't do that. Soon as you came in, you realize that, you know, "Hey, I need to focus on money producing, client-facing activities." So other sales before you came here, what got you to, "Can I work right off the gate?"

Kyle Seyboth 4:59
So I will I was not in sales when I came here, I think I did it out of necessity. And then necessity being that I had another job at the time. So I had to delegate things that I couldn't do because of time purposes, right time constraints, it allowed me to then go ahead and move forward and say, "Okay, I can't do this but I can do that." If I'm going to leave my job during this time period, it only can be for me to go do something with a buyer or seller.

Umar Hameed 5:26
So what's interesting, I love language. Languages, like so exacting, and oftentimes, we just kind of gloss over it, like, recreation is like, "Oh, that sounds nice." But really, if you look at the word is a recreation is having that downtime that allows you to just show up more powerfully when you get rejuvenated, and you get new ideas. So how do you find time to look after yourself and to kind of regenerate and recreate?

Kyle Seyboth 5:52
A good question. Um, I have a inner being, I guess, you would say, our inner mentality that just pushes me to be basically there, there's a there's a, let's there's a mindset, there's a scarcity mindset, and an abundance mindset that kind of work together, to push me to say, every day, I have to perform at a super high level, right? I cannot take I cannot waste, I cannot take any time and utilize on frivolous things, I have to utilize my time on things that are going to only allow me to improve. And I think that's like an inner, almost like an inner mantra. And that allows me to get to that, you know, to operate at that level, because I don't waste time, I don't believe in that.

Umar Hameed 6:39
Right. So there's a so like, everything in the world, like a good example is, you know, a knife in the hand of a mother, very bad. The knife in the hand of a surgeon can save a life. So this drive you have certainly has a lot of positive benefits, like you're doing like almost 500 transactions a year, which is like superhuman, but there's probably also a negative side to it as well. Is there a negative side and if there is, how do you kind of keep a handle on it?

Kyle Seyboth 7:06
Yeah, the negative side is that your definition of recreation or regeneration or refocus comes on the backburner, right?

Umar Hameed 7:16

Kyle Seyboth 7:16
So I don't give myself because I don't waste any time. I also don't allow myself the time necessary to focus on big picture, big ideas and getting to that see goal, right? So everybody talks about their see goal,

Umar Hameed 7:30

Kyle Seyboth 7:31
and having that, you know that, that, that big, big goal they're shooting towards, but I don't I don't allow myself the time needed there. And I don't allow myself enough time to think on the business versus in the business, right?

Umar Hameed 7:44

Kyle Seyboth 7:44
So it's, it's working now on saying, "Okay, you're 10 years in, you've accomplished whatever, you know, so this year, I'll do over 550 properties on my own," but what's the next step, right? So what's the next step of that and how does how do you progress yourself and allow yourself to have the time and get the routines and, and get to that big picture thinking? So for me, it's coincides with my age. [garbled] I'm 39, I'll be 40. And...

Umar Hameed 8:15

Kyle Seyboth 8:15
...I looked at and said, "Hey, I had a decent run for the last first 40 years, let's make the next 10 great." So how can I make so next year really, for me this year, going into being 40 is like how can I really put myself in a position to get to a level that I never thought was even possible?

Umar Hameed 8:33
Right. And so here's my two cents worth on it is that every single human being on planet Earth has a purpose in life. And too few of us actually uncover it. And I think part of your next journey will be is really uncovering why you were put here on planet Earth and then realigning your business towards that. And that way you can pick that see goal what you want to create in alignment with who you are, and most people, what are your thoughts on that?

Kyle Seyboth 8:58
I think it's funny that you say that because I almost get bored with it. Um, in the sense that you know, yes, I love to sell, yes, I love to generate income, yes, I love to make millions of dollars. All that stuff is awesome. I love to have passive income, I love to have that going on. But to your question on your purpose. I don't know if real estate was my purpose.

Umar Hameed 9:22

Kyle Seyboth 9:22
It may be a means to an end. I've had I've definitely had aspirations recently to get into potentially being governor of [garbled] and then and then move towards the president. And to be honest, that's kind of where I don't know why, but it has a little bit of, there's a little bit of desire there that's that's greater than anything else I'm doing right now. And I think crazy. As crazy as that sounds. I think it's, it's ,it's definitely make an impact, but I think it's for me, um, next step, next journey next, next passion.

Umar Hameed 9:59
Yeah, when you To uncover your purpose, which will allow you to do is to align these goals with who you are. Because ultimately, at the end of the day, no matter how pretty you are, how challenged you are, how awesome you are, when we show up as our truest versions of ourselves, there's power there, this magic there, when we try and become somebody we think that endeavor needs, that's where we get lost. And I think part of the journey of a leader is very much uncovering deeply who you are. Because we have three faces, we have this one face for most of us that we show the outside world either is, look at me, I'm pretty smart, or look at me, I'm damaged and a victim, then we have this sense of who we are. And then we have the authentic person that we are. And I think that's part of the journey as a leader is figure out who you truly deeply are. That way you don't have any of the stuff that you have to you just portray yourself, when you know what your purpose is. Both of those things come to give you massive energy and a solid foundation to get shit done.

Kyle Seyboth 10:55
Yeah, and I think 99.9% of people never find it.

Umar Hameed 11:00
Absolutely. And that's been my mission in life has been very much to help people uncover that, because I think we get caught up in life and who we are supposed to be rather than who we actually are.

Kyle Seyboth 11:11
I think you get caught up to and who people want you to be, right?

Umar Hameed 11:15

Kyle Seyboth 11:15
It starts, it starts with your parents, then it goes to your siblings, and it goes to your friends and it goes to your spouse, and it goes to you. And I think a lot of us follow a path where we never make a change out of that, that path, and we allow them to basically figure, basically tell us who we are. And then we just come who they tell us who we are and it makes them happy. But does that really make you, is that really where you want to be. And I think that's the part where a lot of people never really get out of that, that mindset, and they get stuck and they can't get out of it. And they are who their their, quote unquote loved ones want them to be. So I'm excited because I think it's definitely going to be an interesting journey. I'd love to figure out how I'm going to find what it truly is that I'm supposed to do. And maybe it is I don't know, I definitely have a passion for being at the top of whatever it is I'm doing.

Umar Hameed 12:08

Kyle Seyboth 12:09
That's that's a real important factor for me.

Umar Hameed 12:11
Brilliant, because I think that's, that's really important. Also, I'll tell you a story I was dating this woman in, in Canada, and she was telling me about her brother who is a surgeon, and he has this cute blonde wife and he's got two kids and he's lives in this house. And she was telling me when he was four, he announced the family, I'm going to be a doctor, I'm gonna have a blonde wife, I'm gonna have two kids. And somehow this four year old knew exactly what he wanted, he ended up building it, which is like, astounding.

Kyle Seyboth 12:39
Yeah, I mean, it, that's part of the universe, right? I mean, that's, that's part of the universe and kind of welcoming things in and so on and so forth. Um, that that's, you know, that's that's how things work. And I think that's, that really just came to light for me in the last two or three years, I was not really a believer in that I didn't really understand it, and started to understand it. Now I follow a lot of Bob Proctor stuff.

Umar Hameed 13:04

Kyle Seyboth 13:05
And you know, I'm in a couple of, I'm in a mastermind with a group of like minded individuals, which has helped me out a lot. So I'm, again, really just learning as I go, I know I can sell, I know I can produce, I know where I'm at. It's, it's what's next.

Umar Hameed 13:21
And you've driven to be number one, whatever you choose to do, and...

Kyle Seyboth 13:24

Umar Hameed 13:25
...it's not. And I think the first step of it is what you're doing right now is to just be open to it. And because people hold on to their reality with a death threat. And what you're doing is saying, "Hey, I'm open to whatever this is and that's a great place to be." And I'll just add one more thing to it. The comment you made about family wanting us to be XY, just picture this for a moment, you've got this abusive dad gets drunk, beats up his wife, it's got three kids, the youngest is five year old girl. And oftentimes, that five year old girl will become the protector, where she'll get in between her mom and her dad. And then that's the role she takes on for the rest of her life. And she'll be there helping anybody that needs help. So sometimes we get either we find ourselves in that role, or we get put in that role, and then we just, that's how we define ourselves as well. So not only do we make the family happy, then we take that persona on and we live that and I think we need to, the best journey of all is the journey that discovers who we are. So as you build this business, many people in your position will have built a team. So why didn't you build a team and what made you stay a solo practitioner?

Kyle Seyboth 14:34
I didn't build a team because I was on a mission to be the top agent in the country.

Umar Hameed 14:39

Kyle Seyboth 14:39
That was my mission was to be the number one guy because the way I looked at it was with that came a lot of other things, right? It came credibility, it came validity. It came the ability if I wanted again, the coaching which I do now, and allow me to do that because I have the stats behind me and allowed me to grow a brokerage and bring other like minded folks into the business and help them increase and get to their real estate goals. So it was super important for me to not just be a team, a team in the sense that I don't really do anything, I just pass everything off, where I'm actually these clients are mine, like they're important to me.

Umar Hameed 15:18
Brilliant. And so in your personal life, what's that looking like? Like...

Kyle Seyboth 15:22
Ah, so...

Umar Hameed 15:23
...kids, dogs, cats,

Kyle Seyboth 15:24
Two kids, uhm, eight and six. I have I just sold my primary residence moved into a rental building a house now, which I'm excited about, do have a girlfriend now, was married, divorced from her. Kids are great now, they're fine, went through a lot of stuff to get that kind of situated as you know, that's, that's not an easy...

Umar Hameed 15:46

Kyle Seyboth 15:47

Umar Hameed 15:48
Of course.

Kyle Seyboth 15:49
But we get along really well now. My new girlfriend's awesome, she's excellent, she's supportive, she gets it. And it puts me in a different, I think the other thing there in the last two or three years is it's allowed me to be in a different headspace, away from a negative unsupportive like combative place to more of a supportive, helpful, you know, unselfish paid place on both ends.

Umar Hameed 16:16
Brilliant. So I see the picture on your desk, that must be your two kids.

Kyle Seyboth 16:19
Yeah, those are my two kids. Yep. So the nice thing with them is I spent a ton of time with them now. I coach, basketball teams, three basketball teams, four or five practices a week I coach softball, I coach soccer, taking the school four days a week, have them all the time. So it actually woke me up to change that schedule to be around more with them, [garbled] I was working 24 hours a day. I still work a lot, I just work around their schedule.

Umar Hameed 16:49
Brilliant. And we talked about recreation. And I suspect the time you spend with your kids is recreating,

Kyle Seyboth 16:55

Umar Hameed 16:56
just lets you kind of rejuvinate.

Kyle Seyboth 16:59

Umar Hameed 16:59
Yeah. So as you look back on your career, it was like 10 years you were saying?

Kyle Seyboth 17:04
10 years, yep.

Umar Hameed 17:05
As you look back at 10 years, tell me two things, first, a mishap that you learn from what lesson you took away from that, and then maybe a win and what lesson you took away from that. So let's take a look at the mishap first.

Kyle Seyboth 17:19
The mishap was not being able to enjoy any part of life by not hiring fast enough.

Umar Hameed 17:27

Kyle Seyboth 17:28
Hiring enough people fast enough. So I, so I would, I would what I mean by that is at the at the end of the day, we had a lot of people, we had a lot of transactions, but not a lot of staffing.

Umar Hameed 17:40

Kyle Seyboth 17:41
And that caused a huge riff, but in my past relationship, because there was a lot of stress there, that was unnecessary. And and not being able to hire was something that she didn't want to do because she was against it, but it really impacted everything around me. Now I'm able to hire more. Yes, profits a little less but at the end of the day, mentality is better, Life is better, that that whole thing,

Umar Hameed 18:09
And I think the customer experience is probably much better as well.

Kyle Seyboth 18:12
It is better-ish. And what I mean by that better issues that when you hire, you have periods of time when there's training, and when you train people, there's going to be lapses. And I've been through a lot of different peak turnover in this current market with employees, which are hard to find,

Umar Hameed 18:30

Kyle Seyboth 18:30
I'm in a very good situation now. Um, but again, there was periods where it was like, "Geez, this person just quit. Now we got to find someone else."

Umar Hameed 18:38
Oh, for sure. So tell me about a win and what you learned from the win.

Kyle Seyboth 18:42
I think the win is twofold is number one, taking the sales and the accomplishments there, and transitioning that into opening a brokerage of 185 agents,

Umar Hameed 18:55

Kyle Seyboth 18:55
and also starting a coaching program from scratch, which is compensation from Century 21 agents throughout the country.

Umar Hameed 19:03

Kyle Seyboth 19:03
So it's those two things and allow me to still give back in a profession that I really enjoy.

Umar Hameed 19:10
Brilliant Kyle, before we part company, what's a mind hack, something you use to be more productive or happier or more efficient that you'd like to share?

Kyle Seyboth 19:19
So I think to two little things there. I think one is winners win. And I always tell myself that every day winners win, you can be a winner or a loser. But if you're going to be a winner, you got to go out there and win, right and try to do your best. But number two is that and I have to remind myself this all the time is that if you think you aren't going to have problems, that's your biggest problem.

Umar Hameed 19:40

Kyle Seyboth 19:41
When you grow and you try to succeed at a high level, there's going to be problems every day. The people who make the most money can solve the most problems. And I think at the end of the day, that to me is important to understand. By solving problems, you're you're helping facilitate something that's going to help you generate revenue.

Umar Hameed 20:01
Brilliant. So is there a book you'd recommend that people read?

Kyle Seyboth 20:04
I haven't, I don't really read. I don't have that I have ADD to the 50 million power. So I don't have I can't sit down and read. I follow this guy Bradley to a tee every time he posts a video. I watched it, I dissect it, I understand it.

Umar Hameed 20:21
Nice. And you're going to send me a link to his videos, and we'll put it in the show notes. Kyle, thank you so much for being on the show, your inspiration. And let me tell you, the number one thing I took away is when you're at the top of your field, what true leaders do is they're always learning and figuring out what's next.

Kyle Seyboth 20:37
Mm hmm.

Umar Hameed 20:38
So thanks for sharing that.

Kyle Seyboth 20:40
No problem. I appreciate it. Thank you so much for having me on. And hopefully that was helpful to all our listeners.

Umar Hameed 20:45

Kyle Seyboth 20:46
Thank you, sir. Have a wonderful day.

Umar Hameed 20:52
If you enjoyed this episode, please go to iTunes and leave a five-star rating. And if you're looking for more tools, go to my website at nolimitsselling.com. I've got a free mind training course there, that's going to teach you some insights from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and that is the fastest way to get better results.



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