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On Episode 93 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Elaine Northrop, Real estate agent, author, and motivational speaker at The Creig Northrop Team / Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Elaine Northrop has been a real estate agent for over 47 years. She became the first agent from Maryland to be recognized as the number one real estate agent for any company. When she became Coldwell Banker's #1, international agent for three years. Elaine is also one of only 10 agents nationwide to be featured in the book Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

However, Elaine didn't start at the top. Once she found that she can't get to the top by sitting on your butt, Elaine created her way of using beliefs and principles that allowed her to achieve success. And Elain has never been afraid of hard work.

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Introduction and Background

The podcast features Elaine Northrop, a real estate agent, author, and motivational speaker who has been in the real estate business for 47 years. Elaine started her career as an English teacher before transitioning into real estate. She discusses the significant changes in the industry, such as the shift from manual to digital processes, the introduction of cell phones, and the internet.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

Elaine shares her personal struggles when she first started in real estate. She had to take over the finances of her family after her ex-husband left her with two small children. She initially used her victim story as a way to connect with potential clients, hoping they would feel sorry for her and want to buy a house from her.

Innovative Approach to Real Estate

Elaine's unique approach to real estate involves personalizing each house she sells. With her English background, she wrote stories about each house, even giving them names, which caught the attention of potential buyers. This innovative approach led to her receiving a lot of listings, which she identifies as the secret to success in real estate.

Building a Team

Elaine also discusses the importance of having a team in the real estate business. She initially started a team for administrative purposes, but it eventually evolved into a group that helped each other improve and succeed in the industry.

Perception of Reality

Elaine emphasizes the importance of perception in shaping one's reality. She believes that events are neither good nor bad, but it's how one interprets them that makes them positive or negative. She encourages listeners to create their own reality through belief and positive actions.


In conclusion, the podcast features Elaine Northrop, a successful real estate agent, author, and motivational speaker, who shares her journey from being an English teacher to becoming a renowned figure in the real estate industry. Despite personal challenges, Elaine's innovative approach to real estate, which involved personalizing each house she sold, led to her success. She emphasizes the power of perception in shaping one's reality and encourages listeners to create their own reality through belief and positive actions. 

Elaine also discusses the importance of teamwork in the real estate business and promotes her book, "Create Your Own Fate," which provides insights on achieving success in life. Her story is a testament to resilience, innovation, and the power of positive thinking in achieving personal and professional success.

Questions & Answers

Who is Elaine Northrop?

What unique approach does Elaine Northrop use in real estate?

How did Elaine Northrop overcome personal challenges in her career?

What is Elaine Northrop's philosophy on perception and reality?

What is the importance of teamwork in real estate according to Elaine Northrop?

What can readers learn from Elaine Northrop's book, "Create Your Own Fate"?

How can Elaine Northrop's story inspire others?

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