Dr. Terri Levine, PhD on Overcoming Uncertainty With Love

Terri Levine is the founder of The Modern Coaching Method (www.moderncoachingmethod.com) and the Heart-repreneur® Cause (www.heartrepreneur.com) where she helps coaches and consultants create six and seven figure businesses.

She has been named one of the top ten coaching gurus in the world by www.globalgurus.org and the top female coach in the world. Over her tenure she has received recognition from almost every major coaching organization and association worldwide.

She has been mentoring business for over 3 decades and has helped over 6,000 business owners create the income they deserve, the impact they desire and the time freedom they long for.

Dr. Levine is also a best-selling author of dozens of titles including her latest release, The Conversion Equation. As a keynote speaker, Terri has inspired hundreds of thousands of people through her high content, memorable, and motivational speeches.

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The Power of Remission and Re-evaluation

The podcast begins with a discussion about the concept of remission, not in the medical sense, but in the context of life paths. Terri Levine shares a personal story about how the death of her mother and a close friend led her to re-evaluate her life. She had been defining her life by work, but these events led her to change her focus to her health and well-being. This shift in perspective is seen as a form of remission, a change in life's direction that often precedes healing.

The Importance of Self-Understanding and Purpose

The conversation then moves on to the importance of understanding oneself and finding one's purpose in life. The hosts argue that most people don't truly know who they are, and without this self-understanding, they are lost. They believe that if you know who you are and where you're going, you can find a goal that aligns with your identity and passion, which will help you achieve it.

The Joy of Doing What You Love

Terri Levine talks about the joy and excitement she feels when doing what she loves. She shares her experience of returning from a trip to Mexico and being excited to get back to work, catching up with her clients, and seeing what they've been up to. This enthusiasm for her work, even after a vacation, is seen as a blessing and a testament to the power of doing what you love.

The Need for Travel and Global Understanding

The hosts also discuss the importance of traveling overseas. They believe that when you travel, you realize that everyone in the world is just like us, wanting the same things: a better life for their children, safety, and justice. This understanding can help foster empathy and global unity.

The Timelessness of Personal Development

The podcast concludes with a discussion about the timelessness of personal development and self-help. They argue that these concepts are not new and that we're all just spinning things a bit differently. The hosts reference ancient writings that deal with the same issues we face today, showing that while our tools may have improved, our fundamental struggles remain the same.

This podcast offers valuable insights into the importance of self-understanding, finding one's purpose, doing what you love, and fostering global understanding through travel. It's a reminder that personal development is a timeless pursuit and that it's never too late to change your life's direction.

Questions & Answers

What is the main theme of the podcast?

Can you explain the concept of remission as discussed in the podcast?

How did the death of Terri Levine's mother and friend impact her life?

Why is self-understanding important according to the hosts of the podcast?

How does knowing your purpose in life help in achieving your goals?

Can you share Terri Levine's experience of returning from a vacation in Mexico?

Why do the hosts believe that traveling overseas is important?

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