Denie Dulin, Owner/Realtor at The Dulin Group

On Episode 23 of The No Limits Selling Podcast, we have Denie Dulin, Owner/Realtor at The Dulin Group. Denie leads the award-winning Dulin Group of Long & Foster | Christie’s International Real Estate, a team of experts making home buying and selling both seamless and memorable.

Denie’s extensive sales record in the Metropolitan Baltimore area speaks for itself. Her market experience and knowledge span from homes in the Inner Harbor to farms and estates in horse country, to waterfront properties, and everything in between. She assists Buyers and Sellers in all the counties surrounding Baltimore City including Baltimore County, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County and Carroll County.

Denie assists many companies with their employee relocation and understands first hand moving to a new city. Denie and her family (including her husband, their 3 children, and several pets) have lived in many states and overseas. Her personal experiences make her the perfect choice to work with your valued new employees.

Denie, and her team continue to exceed client expectations with a passion that ensures all of your home buying and selling dreams are achieved successfully. She always says “who you work with matters” and choosing your Realtor is one of the most important decision you will make!

Denie was selected as one of the Top 100 Elite Professionals at Long & Foster and is a Christie’s Luxury Agent.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Nothing replaces hard work
  • Use self-reflection to continually improve your performance 
  • Self-accountability is an essential skill

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This podcast is sponsored by No Limits Selling. It is a fun, fast-paced podcast that delivers hard-fought business advice that you can implement today to improve your sales and performance]

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The podcast begins with the host, Umar Hameed, welcoming Denie Dulin, the leader of the Dulin Group. Denie introduces herself and her team, which consists of nine professional real estate agents, one of whom is also an appraiser. They operate out of the Greenspring office in Lutherville, serving the entire metropolitan area.

Denie Dulin's Personality and Work Ethic

Denie identifies herself as a high-energy individual who moves quickly, much like her favorite superhero, The Flash. She enjoys completing tasks and moving on to the next one, prioritizing her work and not wasting time. She attributes her work ethic to her inherent personality, which she describes as having a bit of ADD. She learned how to function successfully by prioritizing and making lists, a strategy she developed early on in school.

The Importance of Discipline and Good Habits

Denie emphasizes the importance of discipline, especially for independent contractors like real estate agents who don't have a specific boss to report to daily. She believes in developing good habits, such as exercising, eating well, and having some mind space to serve others. She also stresses the importance of breaking down tasks into manageable parts to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Motivation and Success

Denie's motivation comes from her desire to excel in her work and serve her clients to the best of her ability. She believes that success is dependent on one's own efforts and not on riding on the coattails of others. She strives to learn from her past experiences and improve her performance each day.

Mentors and Learning

Denie acknowledges that she has had many mentors throughout her life due to her diverse experiences. One piece of advice that stuck with her is the idea that when you learn from someone else, you pick up some of their attributes. Therefore, she believes it's crucial to shine when mentoring others, as you can significantly impact how others learn and perform.

The Power of Beliefs

Umar, the host, discusses the power of beliefs and how they control our behaviors. He shares his approach to identifying and changing underlying beliefs quickly, which he believes can lead to significant changes in behavior and success.

The Concept of Savoring

Denie shares a book she discovered called "The One Word That Will Change Your Life." The book encourages readers to identify their biggest weakness and choose one word to focus on for a year. One of her chosen words was "savor," which taught her to appreciate the present moment and give her full attention to the person she's with.

Embracing Failure

Denie shares the best business advice she's ever received: "Don't fear failure, embrace it, learn from it, and move on." She believes that failure can be a useful learning experience that can lead to personal growth and improvement.


In conclusion, the podcast features an insightful conversation with Denie Dulin, the leader of the Dulin Group, who shares her work ethic, strategies for success, and the importance of mentorship. Denie, who likens her high-energy personality to her favorite superhero, The Flash, emphasizes the importance of discipline, prioritizing tasks, and maintaining good habits for success, especially in the real estate industry. She also highlights the significance of learning from past experiences and improving performance each day. A key takeaway from the podcast is the concept of focusing on one word for a year, a strategy she learned from a book, which helped her appreciate the present moment and give her full attention to the person she's with. Lastly, Denie underscores the value of embracing failure as a learning experience, a piece of business advice that has greatly influenced her approach to work and success.

Questions & Answers

Who is Denie Dulin?

What is Denie Dulin's work ethic?

What strategies does Denie Dulin use for success?

What is the 'One Word' concept that Denie Dulin talks about?

What is the best business advice that Denie Dulin has received?

How does Denie Dulin view mentorship?

What is the role of beliefs according to the podcast host, Umar Hameed?

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Umar Hameed is an expert in changing individual behavior and improving team dynamics. He uses techniques and tools from the world of Applied Neuroscience and NLP to make individuals and organizations more successful. His business savvy and neuroscience combination gives him the unique ability to help salespeople become exceptional. Umar is an international keynote speaker who has done presentations in 16 countries. ✅✅✅He is the author of three books; the latest is Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!


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