February 23

David Wood on Double Your Business by Focusing on Less


David is a former consulting actuary to Fortune 100 companies. He built the world’s largest coaching business, becoming #1 on Google for life coaching and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe.

As well as helping others, David is no stranger to overcoming challenges himself, having survived a full collapse of his paraglider and a fractured spine, witnessing the death of his sister at age seven, anxiety and depression, and a national Gong Show! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgKwAJieQes)

He coaches high performing business owners to double revenue, and their time off, by focusing on less.

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Umar Hameed 0:06
Are you ready to become awesomer? Hello everyone, this is Umar Hameed, your host and welcome to the No Limits Selling Podcast, where industry leaders share their tips, strategies and advice on how to make you better, stronger, faster. Get ready for another episode.

Umar Hameed 0:36
Hello everyone, today I have the privilege of having David Wood here, he is the founder of focusceo, the tagline is blowing my mind, "Double your business by focusing on less." That doesn't even make any sense but it makes perfect sense. David, welcome to the program. Tell us about the tagline.

David Wood 0:54
Thank you Umar. Yeah, well, the business name is focus.ceo. I was very excited when I went searching for domains with focus in it. I then we're going for like $15,000 or $5,000 focused on VIP focused on Ltd. And there's focus.ceo sitting there going for $19 a month...I mean a year.

Umar Hameed 1:18

David Wood 1:18
Like, "Are you kidding me?" That's exactly what I want!

Umar Hameed 1:21
That's a perfect name!

David Wood 1:22
Yeah. And what I like I've been an entrepreneur for 20-25 years and I realize that so many of my clients are also entrepreneurs and myself suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome. It's like we, our problem is we see the options, we see the five different target markets that we want to help, we see the five different problems that we'd like to solve for them. We have five different solutions for them and we're trying five different traffic sources. So I'm already getting overwhelmed. Feeling...

Umar Hameed 1:57
You multiply that all out, we already have 1000s of options and permutations.

David Wood 2:01
Exactly. Exactly. And the truth is, one target market narrowly defined is enough, in fact, even better than five, one problem to get known for in the marketplace is better than to try to get known for five, one product that's your flagship product or service that you put 80% of your effort into is all that's needed. And with traffic sources, are you going to do better with trying LinkedIn and Instagram ads, and Facebook ads and search engine optimization and article marketing? And all those another big one that was just got all our alliances? Are you going to like do all of them? Or would you do better if you tested them for four weeks, pick the most promising and went deep for a year. So the way I help my clients double their revenue is we actually work out what to care about for the next 12 months. And what we choose not to care about...

Umar Hameed 3:06
And it just as important.

David Wood 3:08
It's just as important and it's an ongoing battle. Because let's let's let's, let's say I've said all right, I'm not going to care about alliances for a year, that's hard for me because I want to jump in and I want to do it, I want to go for it and then someone offers me an alliance, I got to make a choice. So firstly we choose what to care about and what not to on the macro level and then we have to constantly be vigilant. Can Why can I stick to that because your brains going to constantly try and draw you away to chase every shiny object.

Umar Hameed 3:42
Have you heard of Vistage is a peer advisory group?

David Wood 3:45
No, I haven't.

Umar Hameed 3:46
So basically it's the largest peer advisory organization in the world, they have, you know, 15-20 CEOs in a room of building relationships. And speakers come in, maybe half today talk about something amazing and then they kind of work on their businesses the rest of the day and CEOs love it. But employees hate it because the CEO comes back from their monthly meeting and it's like, "I got a new idea. Stop the presses. We're gonna do this now we're gonna..." and it's just that constant changing back and forth is exhausting for organizations. And it takes strength and willpower to pick one and stick with it because there are going to be dark days when you're doing it. And if you give up too soon, you're not going to get the rewards. Would you agree that sometimes it takes a while to figure that thing out to really make it shine.

David Wood 4:30
That's right. Jack Canfield once once made a joke. He said, we needed we need a hotline called, "Createaholics Anonymous," where you call up with an idea and someone talks you out of it. He's absolutely right. I had one of my favorite clients, Bradley Long runs in online shop demise. It's called shopdemise.net and he helps people with a Shopify platform. And he's successful, but he came to me because he said, "I get scattered, it's like, you know, having trouble working out what to focus on, and then stay on it. I'm bus, but I know I can be more productive." And one day he came to me said, "I've got an opportunity to buy a company, it's going for a million dollars, I think it's worth more. What do you think?" And I said, "Let let me get this straight, with all your free time, and how bored you are in your current business and the fact that you've achieved all your goals and there's nothing left to do, you figure you'll take some of that surplus time and invest in another business that's going to take the next three years of your life to integrate, and work out how to get running at ease like, 'Alright, what's next?" He saw what was going on, I needed to talk him out and how he pushed back, if he really cared about this, and there were opportunities I wasn't spawning, he would have pushed back. And maybe I would have folded. But he folded like a house of cards, because he realized this was going to take him away from the awesome stuff he could do in his business, if he really was laser-focused. So I imagine a lot of your listeners would want to double revenue over 12 months. I've rarely met a person that doesn't. So I say let's, let's actually do that and to do that, you're going to have to choose what not to care about. Otherwise, you're still going to get there, but instead of 12 months, it might take two years or three years or four years, because you're operating the way everyone else does and you don't have to do that I want you to have an edge.

Umar Hameed 6:36
Ounce he is we only have X number of hours in a day to focus on what we're doing and if you' re focusing on five things, A is hard to do...and B if you're messaging to your constituents, your audience, or it can't be the same message for all five things. So you got five messages and maybe one overall brand message, then all of a sudden, you're creating confusion where you don't need to. So if you can have the discipline to have like your terrible name, focusceo, and what do you do you focus get CEOs to focus is a perfect name, right? There's no distinction between what you do and the name you picked. And that's how we started this conversation. Whereas if you have some more general is hard to do, so I'm jealous of your name, by the way.

David Wood 7:19
Thank you, yeah! And I'll put the dot in there again, because it focusceo. it's not a domain, but focus.ceo or...

Umar Hameed 7:27
Is the domain. Yes.

David Wood 7:28
So you're absolutely right. And it was quite like I didn't invent this concept, Clay Collins came up with the idea of the five ones. And we've we've basically kind of gone through it quickly but I'll go through it again because I think it's worth writing down listeners. You want one target market and I'll give you examples to make it real as we go through.

Umar Hameed 7:50

David Wood 7:51
I want to coach executives and entrepreneurs and leaders. And I'd like to help people in relationship. I'm really good with communication issues. But that I'm not going to be successful trying to handle all of those markets so I've chosen entrepreneurs earning over 200,000 a year, "BOOM!" There's one target market...

Umar Hameed 8:14
So hold that thought just for a second.

David Wood 8:16

Umar Hameed 8:16
So one of the challenges I've had, so what I do is I help people break through their mental blocks so they become more effective. And so I've got an NLP site, then I've got a business site, then I've got this other site. And so throughout my career, I've gone from five sites to one site, then go back to five sites to one site, it's just been a cycle and not sticking with it and five sites is too much work. And one site because I was trying to message all five groups through the one site, the messaging was totally crap. So you're actually speaking to your poster child for what not to do. So yeah, having one target market with one message saves your sanity and your business.

David Wood 8:55
Yeah. So what a great example Umar. The brain is pulled in so many different directions, now if entertainment is your goal, that's wonderful. You can have you know, I've got to get real app and I and I've got the tough conversations project, I've got different, I'm writing a book right now called "Name That Mouse". But these but these are hobbies.

Umar Hameed 9:16

David Wood 9:17
These are hobbies for me, they're they're fun for me. And right now I'm trying to create a chat bot that will ask you profound questions. These are hobbies I do in my spare time. If your goal is to double revenue, and then you also want to double your time off, it's gonna make sense for you to take those five sites and pick one to really put say, 80% of your attention on for one year. And what and we'll get to that. So the first one is your target market.

Umar Hameed 9:47

David Wood 9:47
The second one, pick one problem. Now, when I looked at the problems for my target market, they feel scattered, they feel overwhelmed, they feel unproductive, they know they could be getting there much faster and there are sale by ideas and options and strategies. But you see, that's, that's too many, I need to pick one for my messaging so the main one is feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

Umar Hameed 10:15
David, you don't understand, you don't understand the people that they need to have this. And it's actually the same thing for we talk ourselves into, I'm sure you when you're dealing with CEOs, they come up with a rationalizations of why you're not getting it and why they have to be tackling these things. So David you get that that would be my hypothesis. And how do you get people to really realize that you're scattering yourself? This is just an illusion you're creating to justify what you want to do. So can you give us an example of someone you can either change their name, but to protect the innocent and say, "Okay, this is what they were thinking, and this is how I convince them to really focus on the one."

David Wood 10:55
Yeah, well, I'll give you an example from today. I spoke to someone and I do want to get the five ones out, because...

Umar Hameed 11:03
Oh we're...we're going to,

Umar Hameed 11:04

Umar Hameed 11:04

David Wood 11:05
This is how listeners will get to realize, I want you to realize how scattered or focused you are, because awareness is the first step. Right? So...So the first one is your target market. And the second one is your problem plus promise combination. Here's the problem that you've got and here's the promise. And I want you guys to have caveman messaging, which means a caveman could grant your message. And an example again, for my business is, own business, make more money, more time off. Already I diluted it, right? So...

Umar Hameed 11:45
Oh yeah!

David Wood 11:46
...this is where my coach would slap me around and say, more money faster, there's the caveman messaging and then here's an example for from today. The third one is traffic source, do you have five? Do you have ten? Do you have three? Or do you have one that you focus on and I just coached a guy today who's whose product has gone viral. And so he's got an immunity product. He's branded his dose and remedy for you listeners if you want to go and search on it. And he's got this new immunity product that no one else has got. And it's going viral. People are like trying to it's getting off the shelves. And he's got so many options, right? He's got options of alliances, and options of search engine optimization, and options of Facebook ads and whatever. And I'll tell you straight out I said today, "Test for say four weeks, pick the most promising and go deep with that." And another example is from my life, I am testing Facebook traffic right now Facebook ads, and I tested LinkedIn traffic last month but I can't stay there. You can't stay running five methods, I can't be doing alliances and all the other things. So what I've chosen to go deep in his podcast appearances like this one...

Umar Hameed 13:13

David Wood 13:14
I've done over the last two years, I've done 160 podcast appearances and as you go deeper, you start to build relationships.

Umar Hameed 13:24

David Wood 13:25
So now I've got you know I've met the fine Umar, and and maybe, maybe I'm right, I'm not asking for this right now. But you might be willing to make an intro later later on.

Umar Hameed 13:37

David Wood 13:38
And then John Lee Dumas has got a huge podcast and he wrote me a testimonial,"BOOM!", alright, as I go deeper, I go higher and I just had an idea last week that I don't think anyone's using for marketing on podcasts. I could never have had that idea, if I was dabbling.

Umar Hameed 13:57
Makes sense.

David Wood 13:58
I've got it because I'm so deep into this and I've got I'm not learning what's working, what doesn't. And we're coming up with new ideas, that doesn't happen from dabbling. So again, I'm excited about this...

Umar Hameed 14:10

David Wood 14:11
...of going deep with the five ones and the last two ones. Well, I want to I want to stop I know I'm doing a lot of talking I want to give you a chance...

Umar Hameed 14:20
Alright so he gave me an example of one of your clients, so your experience with LinkedIn versus Facebook for your business? Which one are you liking more?

David Wood 14:29
Well, I tested it, I tested it for for two months on LinkedIn and I didn't like it. I didn't like the experience for myself, I found some people were annoyed that they're getting these messages. It was hard to really make it real. I realized I would have had to do a lot of some research on them go and look at their website and whatever. And I didn't know how to automate that. So and I felt like I was pushing, and that's not fun for me. So I I cut it and I was very happy to cut that. And now had it worked and I gotten some early results and a couple of clients, I'll be like, Alright, let's roll up our sleeves and get it but I tested it. Now Facebook ads I've, I built my business on Google AdWords back in the day, when... when it was a penny a click for life coaching. Right click on that one penny, and I built my my email list up to over 100,000. But these days, there's so much competition. I don't, I don't like it so far, because the early results we've had on good. I'm going to test it for another two months, if we can get it to work wonderful. Because it's scalable but if we can't get it to work, I am so happy, I can't tell you, I might even drink some champagne the day we kill the campaign so that I can put all of my efforts into podcasting because I love podcasting.

Umar Hameed 15:54
Yes, it'd brilliant.

David Wood 15:55
And I don't need five methods, I need one. And another example of that is alliances, right? You can dabble in alliances but if you go deep one alliance can flood you with orders. I've got a colleague who sent an email for me a few months ago, I had 63 people book a session with me.

Umar Hameed 16:22

David Wood 16:23
You wait and see what that does to your calendar, when 63 people book a session, one alliance, one really good one is enough to fill you with customers. So you don't need five different strategies. You can there was a book traction, which I'm a fan of and I was asking the question, "How do you know which one you're going to focus on?" and traction had the had a really wonderful answer, he said, "Give yourself four to six weeks to test up before methods, you pick the most promising that you like, out of all the options you say, I'll test these for you try them, you'll take the most promising and then you go deep."

Umar Hameed 17:06
So here's where the problem in that strategy lies, David, is that it all sounds good on paper but the society we live in right now, testing is good as a concept but having the discipline because we want instant gratification, we want to know the answer. That's why you need a coach to keep you focused on what you're doing because God knows I believe in testing, I believe in the scientific process for other people when I have to do it. It is freaking awful.

David Wood 17:32
Yeah, you're right. That's what a lot of my clients use me for is a sounding board to keep you honest because sometimes you should go and chase said shiny object is too good an opportunity to pass up and other times, wait, I'm getting too scattered, I need to rein it back in. I like how you're asking for client examples because I think it can make it real for the listeners. Amy Youngblood Interiors is a client of mine and so, if you want some design consulting, if you don't like your cost...

Umar Hameed 18:05
She's the one!

David Wood 18:05
...go and go and check out Amy Youngblood Interiors and she, her message was a bit diluted. So we had to like, you know, she's like, do I do corporate clients? Or do I do residential? We've got to make a choice here and so we bounced back and forth. And she decided, "Alright, I'm going to focus mainly on the corporate space." And then location, what are you going to do? You're going to try and do the whole country? Are you going to focus on a particular target market? And there was one day, I won't say what it was for confidentiality, but it was one day, when there was a business opportunity came up, that was linked to interior design, but not quite, it's like a like a vertical, you could say it's another vertical. And, and we really, we really went at it. And I had some reservations, because I'm like, you're going to draw attention away from your existing business to do this other thing...

Umar Hameed 19:05

David Wood 19:06
..now hey, maybe it takes off and this becomes more important than the first places but do you really want to do that? Do you have surplus resources right now? At the time she did, she had extra time and the business was going well and so she said, "I really want to do this. I understand. I'm an entrepreneur." But I think it's good to have someone to give you the pushback so you can work out. Is this...

Umar Hameed 19:30
Make a better decision! Absolutely!

David Wood 19:32

Umar Hameed 19:32
This is my favorite Steve Jobs story. because everyone has a Steve Jobs story where he's the hero of the story. And so I started going deep on Steve Jobs, his biographies and it was somebody that worked at or ran the ad agency they used and he had this new product that had five killer features. And Steve wanted all five features in the ads. And so the guy that was basically trying to get him to focus on one. couldn't get through say, "Crumpled up a piece of paper." and go, "Steve, catch." And of course Steve is like go, catches it, tosses it back. Then he gets five piece of crumpled paper and he goes, "Steve catch", and a spike come towards me, he can't catch any of them, because that the one we need to focus on one and Steve goes, "Okay, I get it."

David Wood 20:15
Wow! I got goosebumps.

Umar Hameed 20:18
Yeah! coz that's your message, right? That'd be a great story.

David Wood 20:21
Yeah! That's...

Umar Hameed 20:21
Did you see on your keynote?

David Wood 20:23
That is really, really, really good. I love that. It's so true. I... look, if you ever tried to meditate, are you a meditator?

Umar Hameed 20:34
I am! on occasion.

David Wood 20:37
All right.

Umar Hameed 20:37
When you try and meditate.

David Wood 20:38
So anyone who's tried to meditate, you know, you sit down, and you say, "All right, I'm going to blank my mind. I'm going to count my breaths..." How many breaths you're going to get to, before your mind is off on something else? For me, it might be four, right for other people, they might get to 50.

Umar Hameed 20:58

David Wood 20:59
This is the nature of the mind.

Umar Hameed 21:00
Yes, absolutely!

David Wood 21:02
It's wonderful! Now this happens, both on a macro level and a micro level. So this is I want I want to, I want to talk to you about focusing on macro and micro because they they're two different things. At the macro level, you pick your 12 month goals for 2021. And you say, "This is what I care about." Now, if you've got 20 goals...

Umar Hameed 21:24

David Wood 21:24
...you might want to reconsider. This is where already your mind is trying to take you off focus for the macro level, then we come back to eight weeks, and I recommend people have eight week targets. And then even if you ignore them, have eight week targets so you know what a win would be at eight weeks. And then every seven days, I highly encourage people to have a CEO date with yourself. Once a week, pause the... pause this podcast right now, put in your calendar a 20-minute CEO date with yourself. And what you'll do is you'll look back on the last week and you will celebrate because I guarantee you did 10 times more than you can remember. And I want you to really celebrate how awesome you are and how much you've done. And then you look at your eight week targets during the CEO date and say what am I going to choose to care about for the next seven days? And you say you need the date because you got to do that every every week.

Umar Hameed 22:20
So pause there just for a second, languaging is really, really important. What am I going to choose to care about? So caring is different than doing, caring has a much more holistic approach to what's happening. So you could say, you know, what are your to do items you're going to do is a different thought process than caring about, what am I going to choose is very much letting me know that it is a choice and unwillingly going down that path. It's not I must have should do, I am choosing toa and I think that's a beautiful, beautiful phrase to use because you open up different aspects of people's thinking when you use that languaging versus figure out what you want to accomplish in this time has a different mental internal makeup than what you said.

David Wood 23:14
Yeah, it's if we choose to care about everything. And that's the default position of my mind, I want to care about everything. If I choose to do that I'm going to feel overloaded and stressed and it's no fun at all. So there has to be a gatekeeper and if we run our own business, the gatekeepers us. So...

Umar Hameed 23:35

David Wood 23:35
...during this date with yourself, this is where the discipline comes in, "All right, I choose to care about this, this is what I can fit this week and I actively choose to delay this and not care about it. And when this is the discipline, then let's come back right to the micro."

Umar Hameed 23:55
Before we go there, I'm going to pause you there just for a minute.

David Wood 23:58

Umar Hameed 23:58
Because when you care about everything, realistically, you care about nothing.

David Wood 24:02
You're going to drop those balls of paper.

Umar Hameed 24:04
All over the place and it's like lying to other people, that you could claim that that's morally unjust and a bad thing to do and I'm I agree with you? but lying to yourself is the biggest sin and we use that rationalization I care about everything. So I'm gonna focus on this this I can do it. You don't know how amazing I am at multitasking, which is that self delusion but please go on because I think it's a trap we get caught up in when we go and say, "I care about everything or I can multitask, it's bullshit."

David Wood 24:34
Absolutely. And let's break it down, I'm looking at my my board up in front of me I got four columns, and one column is the hopper, that's that's the stuff where I want to get it done, but it hasn't made it onto this week. And then the second one is what I've chosen to care about for the next seven days. this is my priority stuff. And I get peace just looking at the board because I can see this is the stuff that I don't have to hold In my RAM, and this is stuff that I do ping podcast hosts, hire a social media editor, and line up my dog's documents from my Mexico trip so I can fly with a and do that, right? So I know what the focus is. But let's bring it right back to the micro,

Umar Hameed 25:18

David Wood 25:18
We've gone from 12 months, where we have to practice discipline, to eight weeks, where again, we have to practice some discipline to seven days, where we'll practice some more discipline, but what about tomorrow? What about tomorrow? What am I going to do tomorrow? How do I stay focused at the micro level, and we're not even fully micro we're getting there. We'll get right back to the moment. What I recommend is set an alarm at the end of every day, say four o'clock or five o'clock whenever you normally end your workday. And the alarm will go off with a question, "If you only did two things tomorrow, what would they be?, If that's all you were allowed to do, two things to move the needle in your life in business, what would they be?" Now that's a wonderful question to focus the mind. And then if you're smart, you're going to wake up? Well, firstly, you'll wake up knowing what's important and I want that for everybody. Just wake up, you don't have to wonder at all I know, these are my two things to do today, if you're smart.

Umar Hameed 26:31
So hold that just for a second, I sorry to interrupt because it's important.

David Wood 26:34
Go for it.

Umar Hameed 26:35
Add in is uh, if you frickin go to sleep, knowing what you're gonna do tomorrow, it lets you sleep more soundly, because you're not fretting about what's going to happen so not only do you wake up knowing what to do you get a better night's sleep in the first place.

David Wood 26:48
Yep, yep. And your chances of being focused are much higher.

Umar Hameed 26:52

David Wood 26:52
Coz if you wake up without any kind of an agenda, who knows what you're going to do, you might check to check email first, you might check your voice messages first. And I don't recommend that because that's going to hijack your agenda for the entire day. So if you're smart, you'll set time aside each morning, I recommend booking Sprint's in your calendar for say two hours, and you will turn off your distractions, you will not check email, you will not check your phone and just get stuck into it, crank it out and do those things that you said, one most important, you can check email in the afternoon, you can do whatever you want. Because those two things are done, you're going to feel like a hero. And you are literally moving towards your eight week targets and your, firstly, your seven day targets, well, let's bring it right back, you're moving, you're getting your your daily target done, you're moving towards your seven day targets, which is moving towards your eight week, which is moving towards the 12 months. I know it sounds complex when you say...

Umar Hameed 27:53
No, but actually...

David Wood 27:54
...iring the goals.

Umar Hameed 27:56
...you're doing something more important than that, I think what you're doing is if you've got this gargantuan eight week project, and you're only going to get the wind at the end of it, there's no motivation to do that. But if you're getting like daily wins, it gives you more enthusiasm, more motivation to take on next days, that week goal gets done. So it's not only getting it done, it's changing your mindset along the journey. And if you start with the, "I need to get this report done, It's horrible! I'm going to put it off to the last minute. it just you defeat yourself.

David Wood 28:29
Agreed. I want you to feel like a rock star.

Umar Hameed 28:32

David Wood 28:32
Yesterday, I what I do for accountability, because again, when we work for ourselves, we've really got to generate our own accountability. Yesterday I did co-working virtual co-working. And so a friend gets on Zoom with me, "What are you going to do?" Okay, "What am I going to do?" Let's go, and we're going to check in in three hours and...

Umar Hameed 28:55
Love it.

David Wood 28:56
...almost like a race I know that in three hours time, I'm going to show up. And I'm either going to say I nailed it, or I'm going to say I got pulled off track or I let myself get derailed, I did three things at one on the list and blah, and I feel bad about it. It's going to be one of those and I know which one I want. So there's different little hacks you can

Umar Hameed 29:17
Yeah! And that's a brilliant hack, it's a lot like a world class runner, you know, you need to run 10 miles, give us your best time, and they're gonna do a good job. But if they got really strong competitors out of the 500, the time is gonna be frickin better. In fact, the people that the person that comes in third is going to best their time because they had the motivation of having somebody better than them, they're so having that buddy to compete with, I think is huge. Brilliant!

David Wood 29:42
Yeah exactly! I like you Umar. We seem to be on the same page about a lot of this stuff, I like how you think.

Umar Hameed 29:48
We do and we kind of seek the same thing from slightly different vantage points and that's the exciting part of the conversation, right? and "Oh my God, yeah, that is cool, I love that and then that's how I see it."

David Wood 29:58
Yeah, and I'll say it If entertainment is your goal, don't listen to most of what I say. Because I think entertainment is wonderful but most of us are getting kicked out of feeling busy during the day and the dopamine and the adrenaline that comes from like checking off little things that are unimportant. And I'm saying let's bring in some discipline so that you can feel like a rock star at the end of every day. Like I nailed that yesterday. My, my co-worker got pulled off track, there was a problem with the computer and whatever, she wasn't feeling really good about it stuff, me, I'm like, I did this, I did this, I uploaded my course, I did this, I did...

Umar Hameed 30:41
She's thinking, I hate you!

David Wood 30:43
Yeah, she's probably thinking...but it really helped me to stay on track. And and here's the other thing, when I do go off track, and I do a lot of because the mind will just drift, the human mind is like a monkey on crack...

Umar Hameed 30:57
Oh yeah.

David Wood 30:57
...when I do go off during those co working periods, I will catch it much faster. I be like, "David, what do you just got lost in email and now you're putting in your shipping address to get this free journal from some email thing, when you have right in front of you the things that you said you were going to get done, and you're running out of time." So I will I will say out loud Umar, "Step away from the email!"

Umar Hameed 31:26
Back away from that, yes!

Umar Hameed 31:27
Back away from the email and get back on it. It's a wonderful process in awareness as we start to see our own selves and, and bring in the discipline.

Umar Hameed 31:37
So I want to go back to you know, focusing on something I'm not sure if you've seen this video, but if you haven't, I'll send you the link it is Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks, have you seen that?

David Wood 31:47
holy shh... No!

Umar Hameed 31:48
So it was a guy who's probably like a world class ping pong player with a ping pong paddle and he's playing with Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee has nunchucks. And he's swinging them and his hitting the ping pong ball back, I'd seen that before and I was at a client site doing a presentation I showed them this video, I've never seen the end of the video. And at the end of the video, there's a guy putting a match in his teeth and they put the striker on the end of the nunchuck and Bruce Lee swipes the nunchuck lighting the match without dislodging it. So that takes mastery and then people are throwing matches at him and he's striking them in the air. So they light and they still follow their trajectory after he's done that. And the reason I share that with you is this, it's a mastery, and it made me think of a quote from Bruce Lee, I do not care, "I'm not scared of the man who knows 10,000 ways to kick me, but I'm frightened of the guy who's practiced one kick 10,000 times"

David Wood 32:44
Wow! Love that. Love that. That's exactly it.

Umar Hameed 32:49
So David, it was such a joy having you on the program, I think you gave some spot on advice on how people can execute something right away. And also, dear listeners and viewers, we're gonna put a link on how to get on David's calendar to have a conversation of how you can work with him because I think if you've got a company and you want to grow it, David is the guy to talk to. David, thanks so much for being here. And what was your best part of the show today?

David Wood 33:16
I think my favorite part is hearing that paper analogy from you...

Umar Hameed 33:22
Oh yeah! that Steve Jobs.

David Wood 33:23
..and also the one about the one kick 10,000...

Umar Hameed 33:26
Oh Yeah!

David Wood 33:26
...times, and I have a gift for listeners. Can we get...

Umar Hameed 33:29
Oh brilliant! Absolutely!

David Wood 33:30
Yeah! Coz what we've talked about today, we covered a lot, I put it all into a checklist, you got a cheat sheet. Don't download the cheat sheet and then I've also got a training on how to double revenue in 12 months and your time off and I'll give you free access to listeners of your show, and it'll take you straight to my website. And if you do want to get on a call with me and see if coaching is a fit for you, you can do that too at the same link. And the link is myfocusgift.com, myfocusgift.com take you straight to that page where you can get all these goodies and it's it's my pleasure to offer those.

Umar Hameed 34:08
David, thanks so much for being on the show. I really appreciate it.

David Wood 34:11
Thanks Umar. And I'm glad to know you.

Umar Hameed 34:18
If you enjoyed this episode, please go to iTunes and leave a five-star rating. And if you're looking for more tools, go to my website at nolimitsselling.com. I've got a free mind training course there, that's going to teach you some insights from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and that is the fastest way to get better results.


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