Overcome Anxiety In 5 Mins 

Increase your sales, and have more confidence to build the life you want

Life is won by inches. Anxiety robs you of those inches. High achievers don't hesitate to take action and keep going until they succeed. Anxiety convinces many realtors to put off money-making activities for another day. That day will never fully arrive until you can deal with your anxiety.

This course shows you how to remove anxiety in 5 minutes. With the anxiety gone, you can wholeheartedly attack your goals and achieve greater success. This is what you will learn in this course: 

  • Remove anxiety when it strikes
  • Be the best version of yourself
  • Be more confident and decisive
  • Grow your business faster
  • Build a happier and more successful life

The pre-launch price is $7. This course will sell for $199 in April 9th.

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Anxiety kills more dreams than Cancer  

When you think about doing something challenging, anxiety robs you of strength and triggers a cascade of worst-case scenarios in your head. This one-two punch ensures a lesser version of you shows up for the main event leading to lackluster results. This failure reinforces the thought that you should not have tried this in the first place.

Your comfort zone shrinks, and you remain an average realtor only dreaming of what you could achieve someday.

Anxiety is your friend. In a life-threatening situation, anxiety is a safety mechanism that ensures you are vigilant, thus saving your life.

In our modern world, anxiety gets triggered anytime we do something challenging. For example, making a prospecting call will not kill you but often feels like it will.

Letting anxiety control your life has dire consequences.

  • Your self-esteem decreases each day, so you have less confidence
  • Your comfort zone continually shrinks, so you settle for a smaller life
  • Your dreams get smaller leading to mediocre accomplishments
  • You avoid money-making activities, so you limit your financial success
  • Your peers wonder why you are not living up to your potential

If you allow anxiety to take hold of your life, the roots run deep. Your mindset becomes hot-wired to second-guess every action you do. Before long, you rationalize why you deserve to live a smaller life.

This course helps you remove your anxiety to you have more confidence. The confidence allows you to do more challenging things, expanding your comfort zone.

What do you choose?

Let anxiety rob you of happiness and success, or take control of your anxiety and live up to your full potential.

"Don't give up on your dreams?”

Realtors that are Anxiety Free 

Impact At Work

  • Do more transactions
  • Are better negotiators
  • Make better decisions
  • Say YES to new opportunities
  • Are better leaders
  • Take massive action

Impact At Home

  • Have more energy and vitality
  • Are courageous and confident
  • Enjoy brighter & happier days
  • Have better more loving relationships
  • Enjoy better health
  • Have less sick days


"My kids are asking me, What have you done to my mother?" 

"My anxiety is gone, I have a new intensity in building my business " 

"My fear and anxiety is gone, I'm playing lacrosse at a much higher level" 

Adil Desai

Regional Sales Manager

"The results were immediate and remarkable. I would highly recommend engaging with Umar as he will help to redefine how you perform."

Amy Kushner

Realtor Coach

"Umar helped me overcame my anxiety. The new fearless me broke a national sales record for our company in one month."

What You'll Learn In This Course?

Lesson 1: 

Learn to identify anxiety before paralysis sets in. The sooner you catch it the easier it is to remove.

Lesson 2:

Learn how to identify the root cause of your anxiety so you can remove it at the source. 

Lesson 3:

Learn how to instantly access inner-strength, inner-peace, and be fully present in the moment.

Lesson 4:

Learn how to use the mind/body connection to remove anxiety from your life.

Lesson 5:

Learn how to take charge of your mindset and decide how you want to act and feel in any situation.

Lesson 6:

Learn how to take massive action you accelerate your success in any endeavor.

Everything You Are Going To Get

Overcome Anxiety In 5 Min Course

$199 Value

This course will help you to see exactly how to get rid of the anxiety in minutes. Others have paid over $199 for JUST THESE 6 videos, but you'll be getting it for $7 just NOW.

$350 Value

Private one-on-one session with Umar

On this call Umar will help you to see exactly how to get rid of the anxiety in minutes. His clients pay $350 for JUST THIS SESSION, but you'll be getting it as a BONUS.

$499 Value

7 Ways To Build A Winning Mindset

Unlock the potential of your mindset. Learn a step-by-step process to take charge of your mind. This will allow you to accelerate your success in any endeavor.  

TOTAL VALUE $1048 is Your For Just $7