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When you Let go of the past it frees-up all the wasted energy that created stress and anxiety. 

Since the dawn of time, every human being on planet Earth has had regrets. Guilt for the wrong things we did to others (including loved ones). And shame and anger for the bad things that were done to us.

These negative past events become the bricks of your comfort zone. No matter how big your dreams are, you can't expand your comfort zone unless you shatter the bricks that hold you, prisoner.

I will share a five-step process to let go of adverse events that hold you hostage. This will allow you to destroy the bricks that keep you prisoner. So you can boldly make your biggest dreams a reality.

Are you ready to break free?

Let go of the past so you can build an exceptional life

You Will Feel Different Instantly

  • You Become More Confident
  • You Become More Happier
  • You Become More Successful
  • Have Peace of Mind

What Clients Are Saying About Umar?

Paul Misner

If you are feeling you or your team has plateaued, and you're not reaching your maximum potential, you should have No Limits Selling on your speed dial. Don't even read the rest of this review, call now. Umar Hameed, CEO, brings a knowledgeable business background, combined with experience with neuroscientific methods, to provide a fast and effective solution to making your organization unstuck. In my case, I had a big case of call reluctance. I was scared and dreaded making calls. If I had a pickup, I was too dejected and nervous to talk. Umar removed 99% of the problem in a very short period of time. (1%- we call have bad days sometimes :) ) Umar makes sales rock!

Michael J. Schiff

Umar is extremely knowledgeable and talented in the neuroscience field and understands the human mind, body and spirit; and how we put limitations on ourselves due to our experiences and programming from the past. Working with Umar in a short period of time, I have been able to identify the limitations that were holding me back and let go of them in order to focus on my strengths and passions. In addition, Umar spent some time with our team at our annual company retreat and was able to bring awareness to each team member of how their past experiences can limit their future. They all left with a pattern interrupt and a way to change their thoughts in just a short period of time. If you and/or your company are hitting a ceiling and want to take your life to the next level, I would highly recommend working with Umar.

Doug Miller 

I have been recruiting sales talent in the software industry for 30+ years and finally came across a tool that not only helps my business but helps my personal life too. I have been using Neuroboosterz for almost 2 years. It is my secret weapon for making the good days better and the bad days not so bad. In today’s business climate Mindset matters more than ever and this tool will help you bring your “A Game” to each and every challenge that crosses your path. Umar Hameed and Neuroboosterz earn my highest recommendation!

About Umar Hameed

My name is Umar Hameed, I am a keynote speaker, an author, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) performance coach. This is what sets me apart from other consultants and trainers:

Over 25 years of experience as a successful business and sales consultant, Over 13 years experience in changing human behavior using Neuroscience, NLP and Hypnosis Keynote speaker at conferences in 14 countries Author of 3 books including,
"Unleash Your Crazy Sexy Brain!“

My combination of business savvy coupled with neuroscience gives me the unique ability to create quick and lasting change. On this site, I share my neuroscience-based strategies and techniques to deliver immediate breakthroughs for salespeople and teams.

If you are ready to sell more and have a higher level of commitment, drive and passion you have found the right guide.

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