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The Secret To Success

Do you remember the movie The Rock? Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery? A mazing movie, right? This is one scene that I love in that movie when Nicolas Cage is telling me Sean Connery back off, man, I’m trying to do my best. And Sean Connery says get a best. That’s what losers complain about. You see, in order for you to get better, faster, rather than trying to be the best and which gets sold ego, right? I want to be the best. What if you said, I’m going to be better at this. So pick one area of your life. It could be sales, leadership business, it could be romance, it could be a relationship with your kids, whatever it is, you say, I’m going to pick this one thing. And every single day for the next seven days, I’m going to do something a little bit better. So I improve over time and in seven days. Let’s see, we get to right? And that’s my challenge to you in the comments below. Write down Umar, I’m working on this thing this week. I’m going to do the same in the comments. And let’s see what we end up in seven days. Go make it happen.

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