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Rachel Krall Realtor

Unlocked My Inner Ninja!

Umar helped me unlock my inner ninja! Most sales coaches teach affirmations, visualization, and scripts to help you become more comfortable in overcoming the common fears to become a successful salesperson. What those coaches don't realize is that every person's thoughts are different, and most of those thoughts stem from a belief we learned in our past. Umar has an incredible ability to help you discover what's truly preventing you from becoming your best self. This workshop isn't just for the sales professional. It's for the team leader, who is struggling to hold team members accountable. It's for the admin, who is afraid to ask for help. It's for the employee who works 60+ hours a week because she struggles to manage her time. This workshop is hands-down the best money you can spend on corporate training. You WILL see immediate results!

Kristian Kan Team Leader

Think Beyond Your Limitations

Umar is a high level trainer/coach/mentor who provided my business partner and I with massive value in our workshop and meetings. I would highly recommend Umar to anyone looking to grow their mindset, their business, and take the steps necessary to get to the next level. Extremely valuable self-discovery and goal planning combined with training your mind to think beyond your previous self-imposed limitations make Umar's program unlike any others. He is a great guy with a true desire to help!

Kyle Tomlinson Owner

Transformed My Teams Mindset

Umar took my team and I through a constructive workshop to uncover some of the things holding us back from achieving our goals. We were able to outline issues to improve upon and began to development processes around solutions we came up with as a team. Most importantly this workshop has transformed the vision and mindset of my team. I am excited to see our achievements in 2019 as we continue to build on what came out of our workshop.

Mike Ehlenberger General Manager Wireless Display Business

Better Sales Performance

I've worked with Umar Hameed for many years, he's nothing short of amazing. Recently I had Umar present at our weekly team meeting, then do 1:1 sessions with several of our sales people. Each of the sales people really benefited from the coaching, and most reported some sort of breakthrough (which is what I was going for)!

Umar has a very non-invasive process to engage, is very flexible in his approach, and agile in his delivery and implementation. He cares a lot about the outcome, and is willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve the goal. As a sales leader Umar will interview you to learn about your team, what you see as the challenges, and what changes you're looking to impact. His process is painless and actually quite enjoyable. I highly recommend Umar, he's s true pro.

Keri Shull $250M/yr in Sales

Improved my ability to sell, lead, and create!

I recently partnered with Umar in a workshop to help real estate agents break through limits and increase their sales. He was incredibly powerful and captivated the audience. He has a way of using stories to create meaningful thought and ultimately shifts in thinking that are life changing. If you are looking to improve your abilities to sell, lead, or create clarity around your purpose to help you create a more meaningful and rewarding life - Umar can help you. I understand as you are reading this you may be asking yourself, how exactly will he go about creating these changes, and you may be skeptical. I understand. I am also skeptical by nature. Umar is using science (NLP) to help rewire (or unwire) your brain with disempowering stories that prevent you from being at your best. If you know in your heart something is getting in the way of you really accomplishing everything you want in your life, trust me, take a chance and call him. He will not let you down.