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“I would heartily recommend Umar to any organization that is looking to become more productive. Umar is an inspired consultant who has greatly benefited our staff. We are looking forward to working with him again.”

Brian Steger
Scout Executive/CEO at Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

“Wall Street Daily is among the biggest and fastest-growing financial publishing companies in the world. Umar and his team have been instrumental in unlocking the value of our human capital. Productivity is off the charts. Thanks, Umar!”

Robert Williams1st
Founder and Publisher of Wall Street Daily

“Umar has found the keys to success & personal development. Because of his insight, experience, and No-holds-barred Advice, I have been able to demolish career obstacles and develop new skills. I am now a far more effective communicator, mentor, leader and executive due to our time together. Above all, Umar allows me the ability to view my choices & decisions through a lens other than my own. Invaluable! – My Highest recommendation”

Dustin Plantholt1st

“Umar is one of the most perceptive and insightful professionals I’ve ever worked with. He has a remarkable skill … drawing the most out of an individual, group or forum. He has an innate sense of quickly and accurately understanding the dynamics of an environment … the people involved, the challenges, the requirements, the overall “playing field” … and the ability to quickly assess these many dynamic variables and then create an innovative but practical approach or plan to solve the problem, tackle the challenge, move the group forward or help the individual achieve his/her goals.

He is a true motivator and those around him are invigorated to move forward and excel … his intelligence, creativity, focus and energy make all the difference. His extensive experience combined with his natural leadership skills, unrivalled communication skills and strong work ethic and core values … distinguish him as one of the very best and effective professionals I’ve ever worked with. He is a joy to be around!”

Glen Ives
Group Vice President
Sabre Systems Inc.

“Umar, I wanted to send you a quick email just letting you know that after our first appointment last week I am seeing a noticeable difference in my attitude as a sales professional. I am in awe at how quickly I am seeing results. Over the weekend I utilized some of the techniques you showed me for my professional life to shift how I was feeling about a painful situation in my personal life. Again, I experienced a noticeable difference in a matter of seconds. What you have done for me and my life in one short hour long session is life changing and I can’t thank you enough.”

Robert J. Meyer,

“Umar Hameed is the real deal! Over the years Umar has been a trusted advisor, collegue, and friend. Umar has been extremely helpful in helping me breakthrough personal and professional barriers. Let’s admit it, we’ve all got them. At various times throughout my career I’ve told myself, I wish I was better at X Or I’d really like to be able to conquer Y.

Working with Umar, I’ve been able to not only fill in the blanks, but conquer them and move on to new higher objectives. Umar’s unparalled ability to help overcome obstacles has made a tremendous difference. His process is relatively quick and strangely enjoyable. Not only will Umar have you breaking through your barriers, but he’ll keep you smiling most of the way through the process.

Words can not describe the high level of respect and praise I have for Umar. He’s one incredibly talented, motivated, professional with an amazing personality.”
Mike Ehlenberger,

“Umar provided a first-rate presentation to Sales & Marketing Executives International – Central PA Affiliate. The attendees comprised the leading sales / marketing leaders in the region, and everyone gave top ratings to his presentation. I encourage all business leaders to engage Umar to bring out the best in their team.”

Mark Vogel,

“I found this workshop to be excellent; it’s not your typical sales training seminar. It has the potential to energize salespeople to a higher performance level.”

Christopher Donaghy
Residex, LLC.

Excellent!! Its an experience that can’t be explained. You have to be there to fully grip the concept and realize your potential.”

Tim Brown
Sales Executive

“Thank you for doing an excellent job you have a very personable training style that really connected with the participants and you made the learning fun and meaningful. Several agents who have used the skills have closed deals that they otherwise would have lost. Once again, thank you for delivering an excellent workshop and know that we shall be using your service again.”

Alice Burch
Sr. Vice President
Long and Foster

“I think this training was very valuable, it teaches you how to connect with others. It also showed me how to get rid of negativity”

Barb Moore
Sales Executive
101.9 Lite fm

“This training gives you an understanding on how to control your limitations and accomplish anything!”

Jodi Adleberg
Sales Executive

“The training was smart, interesting, and valuable”

John P. Baldwin
Business Development Manager
Infinity Radio

“An awesome way to expand my selling skills”

Carol Little
Long and Foster