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Team Building That Improves
Productivity And Effectiveness 

At No Limits Selling we have a proven process to build highly productive management teams and sales teams.  Where the people have passion, drive, and a commitment to get the job done. Teams where people put the needs of the organization above their own selfish agendas. This is a total mind-set shift that is created by using powerful tools and concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and neuroscience.

Team Building Results In More Productive Teams

The reason most team transformation projects fail to deliver successful results is their inability to change team beliefs. Our neuroscience based techniques uncover and transform old beliefs into highly effective ones that deliver lasting change. Transformed teams have more passion, commitment, and a true sense of urgency to succeed.

The latest research from neuroscience shows that beliefs drive behaviors in individuals and establish teams dynamics.  If you want to transform a team you have to first identify the beliefs that drives the behaviors.  We have a great track record at transforming teams so they get better results.

Take a look at the results:

Brian Steger CEO

Greatly Benefited My Staff

I would heartily recommend Umar to any organization that is looking to become more productive. Umar is an inspired consultant who has greatly benefited our staff. We are looking forward to working with him again.

Kyle Tomlinson Owner

Transformed My Teams Mindset

Umar took my team and I through a constructive workshop to uncover some of the things holding us back from achieving our goals. We were able to outline issues to improve upon and began to development processes around solutions we came up with as a team. Most importantly this workshop has transformed the vision and mindset of my team. I am excited to see our achievements in 2019 as we continue to build on what came out of our workshop.

Umar Worked Wonders

Umar has worked wonders to bring about true communication in our organization and alignment across our management, team leaders and staff members. His ability to listen, interrupt and lead us to shared objectives has made a positive difference in our work environment and our bottom line.

Better Sales Performance

I've worked with Umar Hameed for many years, he's nothing short of amazing. Recently I had Umar present at our weekly team meeting, then do 1:1 sessions with several of our sales people. Each of the sales people really benefited from the coaching, and most reported some sort of breakthrough (which is what I was going for)!

Umar has a very non-invasive process to engage, is very flexible in his approach, and agile in his delivery and implementation. He cares a lot about the outcome, and is willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve the goal. As a sales leader Umar will interview you to learn about your team, what you see as the challenges, and what changes you're looking to impact. His process is painless and actually quite enjoyable. I highly recommend Umar, he's s true pro.

Michael J Schiff CEO/Founder of The Schiff Home of Keller Williams Legacy

Take Your Team To The Next Level

Umar is extremely knowledgeable and talented in the neuroscience field and understands the human mind, body and spirit; and how we put limitations on ourselves due to our experiences and programming from the past. Umar spent some time with our team at our annual company retreat and was able to bring awareness to each team member of how their past experiences can limit their future. They all left with a pattern interrupt and a way to change their thoughts in just a short period of time. If you and/or your company are hitting a ceiling and want to take your life to the next level, I would highly recommend working with Umar.

Barry Williams Director of the Baltimore County Department of Recreation & Parks

The Umar Effect Lasts For years

I hired Umar on several occasions to work with my staff. The first time occurred because I needed assistance to help the staff work through a major change within the organization. He was engaging and effective in his delivery before a large group and was equally effective when working one-to-one. Years after his presentation, staff recall snippets of his work, referred affectionately as the "Umar effect." I have referred him to other organizations and they too have experienced similar results when he worked with them.