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Keynote and Motivational Speeches

I am the happiest when I am on stage doing a keynote presentation and everyone in the audience is leaning towards me. Everyone is captivated waiting for the next insight that could be a game-changer for them or their organization.

I always start my motivational speeches with a riveting story of transformation. No introduction, no background. You are right in the middle of a compelling situation.

It’s like turning on a TV and finding yourself right in the middle of the most exciting part of a movie. You have to know who these people are and what’s going to happen next. You went from zero to being riveted in a few seconds.

That’s what I want when I take command of a room.


My philosophy when presenting is to accomplish these goals:

  • Grab the audience by the throat from the first minute of the presentation and never let go
  • Give them powerful insights that they can’t wait to go home a share with their spouse. “Honey, you won’t believe what a learned today.”
  • Be entertaining so they have a great time learning (and invite me back)
  • Make everyone feel like I am having an intimate conversation with them

Most of all, I want them to know they can break through any barrier that is holding them or their organization back.

I have done keynote speeches at conferences in 14 countries to date. No matter where in the world I am doing a keynote presentation, people want to know how to get their employees and teams to break through their barriers and deliver exceptional results.

Talk #1 – Neuroscience Approach to Building a More Powerful Mindset

This presentation can be focused in one of three areas; sales, leadership or life.

Have you wondered what separates A-players from the B-players in a sales organization? A-players are few in number but generate a lot of sales. B-players know how to sell. They may hit their quota but never achieve greatness.

The paradox is that most B players want to get better. Their sales managers spend a lot of time and money to help B players get better. But most B players never make the jump.
In this presentation, I share applied neuroscience and NLP strategies that help salespeople, leaders and mere mortals’ break through their barriers and become significantly better. Imagine the impact on your organization if 20% of the B-players became A-players. It would be huge, right?

You will learn:

  • How to harness your crazy sexy brain
  • How to overcome fear and reluctance
  • What really drives human behavior?
  • How to get unstuck and improve performance
  • How to build a strong culture within your organization


Talk #2 – Neuroscience Approach To Building a Stronger Team

Have you wondered what separates great teams from average teams? When you look a great team the whole is always larger than the sum of the parts. Great teams have the ability to make better decisions and make them faster than average teams. When great teams make a mistake they have the ability to identify the problem and immediately course correct.

In this presentation, you will learn how to build a great team. How to create a team that has massive trust and respect for one another. How to get talented people to come together without ego and office politics getting in the way. How to get team members to fully commit to the vision and do everything to make that vision a reality.

This skill set will make you a truly exceptional leader. Being fearless gives you license to drive change within your organization. Neuroscience gives you the techniques to build a highly engaged and passionate workforce.

You will learn:

  • How to become a fearless leader
  • How to build strong teams
  • How to increase passion in your organization
  • What really drives team dynamics
  • How to build a highly engaged workforce


Praise for Umar’s Motivational Speeches and Keynotes

“Umar is an incredible motivational speaker and can get any group to strive to achieve more. I have seen dozens of professional speakers in my life, and having done hundreds of talks myself, I consider myself a very tough critic. Translated – I do not give out many “5 Star” reviews. Umar, however, gets one from me. His content is only outdone by his delivery style, which is captivating while not being ‘rah-rah’. While he does not ask participants to hug one another or walk barefoot on hot coals, Umar does get people to break through their own barriers and set and reach higher goals. I recommend him highly.” Mark Jankowski President of Amplified Learning

“Umar’s presentation, “The Three Ways to Reprogram Your Sales Brain and Double Your Sales Performance”, was simply outstanding. Content rich with much value-add and plenty of take-aways for the audience. A rare treat!” Hector Velez,  Chief Development Officer


“Umar is an outstanding speaker who engaged and connected with our audience at Entrepreneur’s Exchange. He spoke passionately about overcoming our personal obstacles in the sales process. The evaluations from our board and members were overwhelmingly positive about his thought provoking ideas to improve ourselves and our businesses. Thank you, Umar, for speaking to Entrepreneur’s Exchange in Annapolis!” Amy Polefrone, CEO HR Strategy Group


“Umar’s presentations at Greater Washington Asssociation for Financial Professionals have always been superlative and always drew a large crowd. We ask him to speak at our most important events and he is so well received. As President of GWAFP and a member of ASAE, I highly recommend Umar for his professionalism, knowledge, insight and his ability to connect with his audience.” Donna Ryan, President GWAFP


“Hire Umar today! He has an incredible ability to draw in any audience, keep them engaged and give them something of value to walk away with. He shows you how to get the results you want!” Misti Burmeister, CEO and Founder, Inspirion


“Our professional HR associations, SHRA, recently had Umar out to present on “Neuroscience and the Art of Fearless Leadership”. Feedback from his program was fantastic; the group was very engaged and asked about bringing him back.” Rod Bourn, Harford Community College


“Umar brings a compelling message in an engaging way: how we as human beings can breakthrough our own limitations. I’ve heard him deliver this message to a large audience of sales and business development professionals as well as a smaller group of CEOs with equal impact. To change behavior, we must first change our beliefs. Umar’s message provides the critical insight that can begin that belief-changing process.” Lee SelfClick CEO, Renaissance Executive Forums


“In arranging to bring him in, Umar was very flexible and pleasant to work with. I thank him for his support and would definitely recommend him to like organizations!

Umar provided a first-rate presentation to Sales & Marketing Executives International – Central PA Affiliate. The attendees comprised the leading sales / marketing leaders in the region, and everyone gave top ratings to his presentation. I encourage all business leaders to engage Umar to bring out the best in their team.” Mark Vogel, President SMEI

“I have attended literally hundreds of sales seminars. I don’t care how you slice it, sales is building rapport, qualifying, closing and handling objections. Advanced sales, is simply doing each of those things better. That’s where Umar comes in. His approach using Neuroscience and Behavioral Psychology dramatically improves your effectiveness by getting you to adjust your approach, and increase your perception of the cues being given by your prospects to conduct the sales process more effectively. Great stuff, with actionable techniques that can improve your effectiveness immediately. Highly recommended.” David Schulman, Principal, Information Concepts