Get Unstuck - Mind Training for Salespeople and Sales Leaders


Boost Confidence and Increase Your Sales

What You Will Learn in Course:

  • How to catapult your self-image & confidence?
  •  How to free up a ton of energy?
  • How to reduce stress in your life?
  • How to increase your motivation?
  • How to be bolder in so you get what you want?
  • How to increase happiness in your life?


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What's in the Get Unstuck! video course

  • Lesson  One: Understanding the power of your comfort zone
  • Lesson Two: How to escape the walls of your comfort zone?
  • Lesson Three: How to overcome limitations that blocks you from success
  • Lesson Four: How to boost self-esteem and confidence in under 5 mins

Your mindset determines how you see the world. It also determines how you show up in life. If you are stuck in old behaviors, old patterns, and the stories you tell yourself its your mindset that is driving it.

I designed this course to give you the insights you need to understand how you got here. And how you can break free of the old way of thinking. 


Mike Weiner President

My ability to focus increased!

Umar I wanted to thank you for your seminar! You always talk about helping people achieve a breakthrough and I just did at your workshop on Wed Oct 19th. It was so profound, so real and especially liberating and empowering! I have a new refreshed energy that is allowing me to harness my focus and ability at the deepest level! Anyone who truly is interested in understanding the truth and exploding their business to the next level needs to meet with Umar. Thanks for your sincerity, passion and knowledge to help me take my business to another level!

Barry Williams Director of the Baltimore County Department of Recreation & Parks

The Umar Effect Lasts For years

I hired Umar on several occasions to work with my staff. The first time occurred because I needed assistance to help the staff work through a major change within the organization. He was engaging and effective in his delivery before a large group and was equally effective when working one-to-one. Years after his presentation, staff recall snippets of his work, referred affectionately as the "Umar effect." I have referred him to other organizations and they too have experienced similar results when he worked with them.

Jennifer Stine

Executive Director at CASA of Baltimore County

Umar conducted a retreat for my organization, and he did a fantastic job! I was especially impressed with the amount of work he put into it ahead of the retreat date - he took the time to learn about our organization, as well as each of the employees, so that the actual day was as productive as possible. He was engaging and insightful, and he made everyone feel comfortable to contribute. We left as a unified group, excited to make the changes necessary to grow and improve our work!

Noah Berk Co-Founder at obo Agency

My team loved the presentation!

Umar put together a Success Mindset Workshop for our company. My team loved the presentation, thought it was incredibly helpful not just for their professional careers but for their personal lives too. The tips/tricks he shared are powerful ways to help motivate your team to become even better versions of themselves. I'd recommend Umar for your next employee development workshop.

Keri Shull $250M/yr in Sales

Improved my ability to sell, lead, and create!

I recently partnered with Umar in a workshop to help real estate agents break through limits and increase their sales. He was incredibly powerful and captivated the audience. He has a way of using stories to create meaningful thought and ultimately shifts in thinking that are life changing. If you are looking to improve your abilities to sell, lead, or create clarity around your purpose to help you create a more meaningful and rewarding life - Umar can help you. I understand as you are reading this you may be asking yourself, how exactly will he go about creating these changes, and you may be skeptical. I understand. I am also skeptical by nature. Umar is using science (NLP) to help rewire (or unwire) your brain with disempowering stories that prevent you from being at your best. If you know in your heart something is getting in the way of you really accomplishing everything you want in your life, trust me, take a chance and call him. He will not let you down.

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