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Fractional Sales Manager Program

Can your organization close more sales? The answer is yes.

A better question is how much revenue are you leaving on the table? These are sales you should have made but due to weak salespeople, a poor sales process, or a weak sales strategy those sales never materialized. 

Every dollar you failed to capture is weakening you organization and strengthening your competition. More importantly poor sales performance creates a culture where mediocre performance becomes the new norm.

As the leader of your organization you should be asking the following 7 questions:

  1. Can we close more sales?
  2. How much more effective can our salespeople be? 
  3. Do we have the right salespeople?
  4. How well are we managing our sales team?
  5. Why aren't we generating more new business? 
  6. Do we have an effective sales process and are our salespeople using it?
  7. Can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?

How much revenue is being left behind each year? And what needs fixing to maximize your sales team’s potential? Do you have the time and skill-set to transform your sales team? If the answer is yes, what has stopped you from improving your sales teams performance? If the answer is no, then hiring a sales leader is the right way to go. 

Hiring a 5-star sales leader that can turn your sales team around but will cost you a small fortune. There is a better way to get the results you want without breaking the bank. 

Our Fractional Sales Manager program can help you make your sales team more effective so you close more sales. We will help you address the following:

  • Evaluate your sales team and see what needs fixing
  • Ensure you have the right sales strategy in place
  • Sales process development
  • Effective sales qualification methodology
  • Build a sales plan to effectively execute the sales strategy
  • Set sales quotas and sales territories
  • Define sales training needs
  • Weekly sales meeting to address issue and monitor progress